Contemporary Design Inspiration

Design inspiration can come from multiple sources. One of the furniture sets in La Furniture, a contemporary furniture store reminded me of a piece of art in the form of furniture from the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh. With bold primary colors, the whole set could brighten up a dull or plain interior. In terms of a business model, I am not sure how unique pieces like that sell, but I am sure it strikes out to be interesting enough for those who like something unique at affordable prices, and although it may not be the mainstream target audience choice, there are always picky people with good taste. It’s cool and contemporary, and would serve as …

Weekend Reboot - New Design Based on Gluttony by Small Potato

If you are a frequent visitor, you will notice that the site was rebooted over the weekend using a fabulous design by WP Designer.

For the sake of comparison, I have included an image (linked to demo) of the original theme Gluttony along with a screenshot of the current version.

gluttony theme by small potato

gGrid theme by headsetoptions

Of course the design is more than just CSS hacks, we added numerous conditional statements to make the experience more user friendly. The design itself …

Why SEO Matters: a post on wpSnap about SEO Best Practices

I recently made a guest post on wpSnap regarding best practices to improve SERPs. It’s a good reminder of how we can improve and grow organic traffic by following some rather simple steps.

Here’s an excerpt:

Many sites built on WordPress use free themes that are more or less visually appealing but seldom optimized to help your site grow. With thousands of free themes out there, you would think it will be easy to find a theme that will do it all without some manual intervention, but that is not the case..

More on wpSnap - Best WordPress …

Automattic to Focus on BBPress

Matt in an interview with WebProNews recently hinted that his team might start focusing on BBPress, the amazing open-source forum software that powers support, WLTC News and WPSnap Forum alike. As the only forum that “fully” integrates with WordPress, I am sure this development will be huge.

Top 40 WordPress Blogs at WP Themes Gallery

Artur at WP Themes Gallery has compiled a list of 40 blogs relating to WordPress. The site also uses an algorithm to ranks each of these blogs partly based on Google PR, Alexa Traffic Rank and Technorati Authority Rank.

We are both pleased and flattered to find at least 2 blogs we are directly involved in (placed 13th and 24th) and one we helped design (placed 34th) listed in top 40. The list also includes many WP greats and friends of ours. This collection of blogs makes a great bookmark for current/relevant sites for WordPress news, views, and more. I encourage our readers to visit and bookmark the …