The First Year of IE7 Gone Bad

The IE7 development team thought it would make for good PR to pat themselves on the back. Turns out the readers are mostly frustrated users/designers trying to “fix” their otherwise (CSS) standards based work by means of IE hacks. Just skip the content of the blog and dive straight into the comments; that’s the fun part.

Windows Vista Delivers Significant Energy Savings for Home, Business Users

Mac lovers, eat this!

vistaMicrosoft has partnered with Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and built into the latest version of Microsoft Windows (Vista), innovative energy-saving solutions, that can save customers about $50 each year for every desktop computer equipped with the new software.

On the contrary, the Board of Directors for Apple Inc “unanimously� opposed proposals calling for an elimination of toxic chemicals in Apple’s products, and a comprehensive take-back and recycling program.

Still think Apple is cool? Think again.

On the same note, here’s a poll question: What is important to you in a company/consumer product? Cost or environmental responsibility?

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