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Starting an online blog or an online business or an online website is not at all easy. From the domain name registration, to the choice of Content Management Software (CMS), web hosting, website marketing, website promotion, link building, search engine optimization, making money online, search-engine friendly scripts, etc., one requires not just basic knowledge, but in-depth awareness of the latest resources available online.

If you Google web resources, you will see hundreds of sites pop up. Now what does it indicate? Does it indicate that the sites that are on top are the best in that niche? Maybe yes, maybe not.

With more and more webmasters becoming increasingly well-versed with SEO, being on top does not necessarily indicate relevant searches or the …

Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia Page Altered One Day Before Nomination

Sarah Palin is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2008 presidential election. Yesterday, someone close to Palin made a whole bunch of edits to her Wikipedia entry making it a little more palatable for the centrists. For those who are interested in the old page, check Google’s cached version or download screenshots (might be slow to load due to file size) from August 21st 2008 and August 29th 2008 and compare the notes for yourself.

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Copyright Infringement by British Prime Minister’s Web Designer

British Prime Minister’s #10 blog is apparently not honoring the copyright agreement of the theme developer, in spite of the Creative Commons licensing. Theme copyright infringements are a serious issue that many non-themers overlook, mostly because it conveniently services their purpose. The old theme viewer was plagued with this issue that eventually led to creation of a new admin monitored repository. With the growing popularity of WordPress, this issue left unaddressed will only lead to more such goof ups or worse, blatant rip-offs, which will eventually lead to a decline in free quality themes.

Midwest Flood Updates on Red Cross Site

The June 4th floods have raged for over 2 weeks now, and Bush finally made time to get there. In the mean time, Red Cross Midwest has set up a site on WordPress.com to provide updates, at some 240 posts over 10 days, this site provides updates that are brief and some very detailed instructions to those in the affected region.

New Advanced WordPress Theme Deep Blue

Deep Blue is a an advance WordPress theme with fully customizable “touchless CSS edit” functionality and zero set-up. This full function theme has practically no set up time and works straight out of the box!

New WordPress Theme Deep Blue

Just like our other free premium advanced WordPress themes, this theme does the job as is and works with all versions of WordPress up to 2.5.x.

Here are some of the theme features:

Touchless CSS edit.
Adding a category called Featured (with a capital F) activates the featured post option.
Sidebar is widget ready.
Posts and sidebar are adsense styled - easily add your adsense code located in separate files.
Search engine optimized - use without worry of duplicate posts or rearranging title tags.
CSS/XHTML validated.

How To Get Free Stuff Online?

What if you found a $20 on a sidewalk? Would you be lucky to have found it or smart to have picked it? This example if from a book I am reading currently - “Lucky or Smart - Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life” by Bo Peabody. We often get freebies we do not expect! if you were lucky, you would just have it coming to you without you making any effort of knowing the source at all.

However, if you are smart, there are various resources online where you can get free stuff, like gadgets. You may dismiss and block these pop-ups/websites that offer a free game console, free iPhone, free …

Free Advanced WordPress Theme WExp

WExp is an full-function WordPress theme with advanced-options for built in “CSS” customization functionality. The theme works straight out of the box and requires no set up (although you can customize if you prefer).

Advanced WordPress Theme WExp

Just like our other free premium advanced WordPress themes, including the most recent PointSpace, “WExp” is packed with all the cool features listed below:

Theme with easy CSS edit options.
Change header and background image from within WordPress Admin panel, no need to edit the CSS.
Regular and Featured posts usage option.
Sub pages appear only when parent page is selected.
Widget ready sidebar works with built in WordPress widgets.
Add your own Google Adsense ads by editing special ads pages without messing up your site.
Comment block with customizable colors.
Search engine optimized code.

Free Advanced WordPress Theme PointSpace

PointSpace is an full-function advanced WordPress theme with built in custom “CSS” functionality. The theme works straight out of the box and is practically set up free.

Advanced WordPress Theme PointSpace

Just like our other free premium advanced WordPress themes, “PointSpace” is packed with all the great functions and features listed below:

Theme CSS easy edit options built within WordPress Admin panel
Change header image from within WordPress Admin panel.
Featured and Regular posts usage option.
Second level conditional menus. Sub pages appear only when parent page is selected.
Widget ready side styled to easily add builtin WordPress widgets
Add your own Google Adsense ads by editing special ads pages.
Customizable comments block colors.
Search engine optimized code.

Partial Feed for the Rest of this Month

RSS feed lockedI will be experimenting with partial feeds for the rest of this month. The splogger issues with my content is not yet resolved. I know switching to partial feed is going ass backwards and will inconvenience those who read my blogs on readers, but bear with me while I figure a work around.

“The Future of WordPress Themes” Opinion Poll

A high level opinion poll concerning WordPress themes and its future is presented on Ian’s new site Theme Shaper. Highly recommended read for WordPress theme designers and enthusiasts alike. I have my 2 cents in there too!