Copyright Infringement by British Prime Minister’s Web Designer

British Prime Minister’s #10 blog is apparently not honoring the copyright agreement of the theme developer, in spite of the Creative Commons licensing. Theme copyright infringements are a serious issue that many non-themers overlook, mostly because it conveniently services their purpose. The old theme viewer was plagued with this issue that eventually led to creation of a new admin monitored repository. With the growing popularity of WordPress, this issue left unaddressed will only lead to more such goof ups or worse, blatant rip-offs, which will eventually lead to a decline in free quality themes.

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Starting Your Local Web Design Business

Finding web design clients online has been a breeze for us, thanks to Google organic searches. Now we would like to also like to tap the local Richmond VA Web Design market for small businesses. So here are a few things we would do which you could do if you wanted to start up your own web designing company locally!

Volunteer web designing services to local, reputed organizations, high traffic businesses. It’s not easy to spend time giving away freebies, but patience pays. Try it and trust me you will gradually start establishing a nice network for yourself.
Advertise in all free spaces available,, your city website, freelance designer websites. If you can afford to pay for …