Free eBook: Best Speeches Of Barack Obama

Are you an Obama fan? Here’s a free download that you would love. This is a eBook version of a paper back that sells for $30. They are giving this book away to promote their print edition, the download is a PDF which is approximately 7MB, so be patient while it downloads.

WordPress, Six Apart Movable Type, Which Is Better? Who Cares…

wordpress vs six apartThe “Smear Campaign” has started. No we are not talking about the US presidential race, we are talking CMS! Have you visited Planet WordPress lately? For a new comer, it will look more like a Movable Type blog than WordPress, and if that were not enough, the MT folks can’t seem to keep their egos in their pants and try endlessly to add fuel to the fire.

For the sake of history, here’s how the events unfolded.
First there was Movable Type
For what it is worth, Movable Type is responsible for the popularity of WordPress. The licensing debacle of MT resulted in defectors opting …

Baba The Storyteller Story: The Fool

I worked on a site a while ago for a famous West Coast Kora Musician and Master Teller of Tales, Baba. Yesterday, out of the blue he sent me a nice piece of story which I thought I should share with the world. With everything that is happening around us, the war and our economy, this story offers a welcome break and a much needed dose of wisdom, wit and wonderful storytelling all in one; so without much ado, here’s the story.
Visit Baba at for more.

Web Design or Blog Design

I get this question a lot; do you web design or blog design? and I say, is there a difference?

web designMost new site that I work on are built using free CMS like WordPress and Textpattern so they tend to have a bloggy feel to it, so I see where this question might arise from. But to me, a work done specifically to be published online, irrespective of the site being a blog, is considered “web design”, if it’s on the web and it involves designing, its web design.

With that said, there are many interpretation of what constitutes as web design. Not all web designs are created equal. …

Bush vs. Hillary

CNN projects that Nevada will go to Hillary. I thought it would never come to this, but I must say this to get it off my chest. I rather have Bush run this country down the toilet than Hillary, I am not sure what I dislike about her, I guess everything. Anyone but Hillary please! Tell us who you would vote in the polls.

WordPress 2.3.2 is a Security Bug Fix

wordpress imageNot sure if I am reading too much into this, but just yesterday a WP daily builds tester complained of his site being Cracked and partly hijacked using SQL injection, and today, less than a month before the 2.4 version release, a security bug fix! Here’s the message posted on the docs.
WordPress 2.3.2 is an urgent security release that fixes a bug that can be used to expose your draft posts. 2.3.2 also suppresses some error messages that can give away information about your database table structure and limits and stops some information leaks in the XML-RPC and APP implementations. Get 2.3.2 now to protect your blog from these disclosures.
I …

Top Reasons to not use Yahoo! Hosting

yahoo hosting magicI try not to write such posts, but the frustrations expressed by my clients who host on Yahoo! Small Business compels me to point out the obvious shortcomings. This non-exhaustive list is in no particular order, it’s just the top 4 reasons why I would not recommend/host any site on Yahoo!
A client recently used the one click install feature to add WP to her site, within days it was hacked and she lost everything she had moved from another CMS (luckily she had backups). The problem was the defunct version of WP that Yahoo! installs, WP version 2.0.2, which beats …

Cost of Life V: Medics charged of HIV/AIDS released from Libya

Libya aids victimOK, the ordeal is over for the 6 Bulgarian and the solo Palestinian doctor, Sarkozy and his sidekicks got the much needed political boast, but for over 400 children infected with the AIDS virus, the monitory compensation is nothing more than a slap on the face by rich Europeans nations and an utter disrespect to the value of human life, especially the lives of the under-privileged.

Simple math (as we always use) suggest that a child in Africa can be infected with aids (knowingly or due to poor working conditions- whatever) for a million USD, or less than £500,000 per child.

How much will it cost to infect …

Free WP Theme “Insomnia” for your Personal Blog

Insomnia LCR: Download | Test run

3 Column, Brown, Blue, Earth Shades, Fixed width, Widget ready, Left sidebar, Right Sidebar, Personal Blog WP Template

“Insomnia” is a brilliant, intriguing, “widget” ready, 3-column WordPress theme with a left and a right sidebar, based on Earthling by and MandarinMusing. Intense and subliminal, a perfect skin for your wandering thoughts.
Please go to our Wordpress downloads and support page for theme support, queries or customized web design projects.You may view, download and testrun more of our themes here.

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CONNECTION: Free Classic WordPress Theme with a Rose Header


CONNECTION: Download | Test run

2 Columns, Dark Red, White, Yellow Rose, Fixed width, Widget ready, Left sidebar, Bliss, Joy, Classic, Elegant Template, Nature, Garden, Floral, Flower Template

Connection is dark red and white in color, with a warm yellow rose header image, 2 column, “widget ready” WordPress theme with a left sidebar by and MandarinMusing. A perfect blog skin for your intimate thoughts; warm, delicate and joyous, floral/flowers template.

You can check our custom projects portfolio here. Please go to our Wordpress downloads and support page for theme support, queries or customized web …