Palin Palling Around With Terrorists

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An Insight To Downloading YouTube Videos

YouTube is the greatest video-sharing site of all times. The popularity of the site is immense. You can also download YouTube videos using certain services. It is estimated that the daily average bandwidth bills of YouTube amounts to one million dollars. People may start wondering how Google is able to keep the site online especially under such high costs. Advertisements are the main revenue source for YouTube. The sheer amount of users accumulated in the YouTube database makes the advertisers yield to the demand. It is also estimated that 74 million active YouTube accounts are at present available in YouTube. People enjoy the videos present in there. Many videos are also saved offline for watching …

Barack Obama on McCain’s “Seven” Homes

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Dynamic CSS Resizing of Embedded YouTube Videos

CSS TipsVideo embeds like the ones from YouTube can be valuable to tell a story. Though the built-in options for such videos allow the user to resize the video, it is not dynamic and is more than often a manual (irreversible) process. Say you would like to keep the video at it’s full size in the single post page but display a thumbnail in your sidebar, you can. A simple CSS and Javascript fix for IE would do the trick, here’s how:

Ding Fries Are Done!

Here’s a song that will change forever the way you sing/hum “Carol of the Bells”, here’s the original lyrics on Wiki. Merry Christmas!

MC Hammer Launches Video Site Dance Jam

Just when the Web 2.0 market was getting crowded with poorly conceptualized ideas (saturation? remember the tech balloon burst of 2001); MC Hammer (yep, the baggy pant one) is launching his own portal that would host only dance videos. His competition, YouTube!

Jimm Webb- “The votes are in and we won”

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More good news, Rummy quits!

Saying as it is!

Here’s Keith Olbermann saying as it is, what is he doing on TV, shouldn’t he be in DC?

Blogger Gets Wrestled by George Allen Cronies

Allen has done it again! Blogger Mike Stark, a first-year University of Virginia law student, approached Allen and asked “Why did you spit at your first wife, George?” and that was good enough reason for his goons to put him in a chokehold, wrestle him, dragged him backward and slung him to the carpet outside the meeting room. No one is for sure if Allen really treated his first wife bad, but going by the way his cronies treat the citizens of the commonwealth, it leaves me wondering if Allen is capable of doing what the blogger claims.
Watch the video:
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Bush’s “Generals” Excuse

Casey was in town last week and didn’t sound optimistic the situation in Iraq is not getting any better with over 100 civilians dying each day and the White House rejecting that over 655,000 people have died since the 2003 US Invasion. Bush however thinks otherwise, he wants his vote bank to believe that the US is winning the “War on Terror”. Which brings us to the question, Is Bush really listening to his Generals?
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