Idiosyncrasy of an Idiot

According to one news report, microbiologist Bruce Ivins carried out the deadly Anthrax attacks against “select” Senators who differed from Ivins pro-life ideology. “Killing” someone because they are not pro-life! Does that even make sense? If you cared so much about the life of an unborn child, shouldn’t you be a little more considerate towards fully developed adults? Oh, the irony is, Ivins killed himself.

Free Obama Button from

Obama Button

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Shit Box

This is not a joke, these guys are serious. Shit Box is a lightweight portable cardboard toilet, made specifically for outdoor use. Funny though!

Theme Viewer Alternative at

The theme version of the plugin directory is open at The only catch is the theme needs to be exclusively GPL Compatible. Why is that an issue? When you have original work licensed under GPL, you no longer have creative control over how it can be used, simply put, anyone can download your work, add their links (own or paid) or malware code and distributed it without your consent. Do you really want that to happen? Isn’t that the reason why we shut the Theme Viewer in the first place?

The Big MediaTemple Crash

Added later: apparently it was not their server, but a network issue experiences only by Comcast customers due to a break in their traffic routing to the West Coast!
If you are reading this, we are back up again from this afternoons crash which pulled the plug on tens of thousands of web sites. It was not just sites on (dv) or (gs), even premium sites like TechCrunch and Jeffrey Zeldman (promoters of MT) were not spared, even was down, as if the whole place came down crashing! Questions on redundancy, data protection and web security creep into ones mind when you realize that for the period of this …

Hackers Crack ICANN Blog

Mirror sites of “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers” or ICANN, the organization that is responsible for assigning unique addresses so computers know where to find each other, was cracked by Turkish hackers. Within hours from the first crack, the organizations WordPress v2.5.1 powered blog was compromised. Although I believe version 2.3 was the worst, vulnerability issues are not strictly limited to any one version or blogging platform. So the only way to keep you site safe is by checking on it regularly for changes outside of what you authorize and keeping a good backup of your site!

WordPress Exploit Scanner is a Life Saver

This plugin is probably one of the most useful and valuable tools to have if your site had used WordPress 2.3 ever (even for a day!). The plugin simply points out exploits and shows you the location of the malicious files, which you can then find and easily delete via FTP. You will be surprised how many such hacker installed files you will find, especially in unused themes and plugins (might not pose a threat, but must be removed nonetheless.) And if you are still using WordPress versions older than 2.5.1, you must upgrade immediately, else its only a matter of time before your site will get hacked.

Midwest Flood Updates on Red Cross Site

The June 4th floods have raged for over 2 weeks now, and Bush finally made time to get there. In the mean time, Red Cross Midwest has set up a site on to provide updates, at some 240 posts over 10 days, this site provides updates that are brief and some very detailed instructions to those in the affected region.

Hacking - a Multi-million Dollar Industry

Jonathan Zittrain, professor of internet governance at the Oxford Internet Institute, who is also the author of “The Future Of The Internet And How To Stop It“, says that from 1998, hacking exploded. It is now all about making money. Listen to his interview on BBC Radio 4.

Obama Wins, Clinton Seeks Vice Presidency

obamaObama wins, need I say more.

Hillary Clinton however, is not willing to admit that she NOT the first choice and is now in the quest to forcibly hijack the vice presidency. Shame on her! She still think she is the strongest candidate, what the f%^* is she smoking? She lost, how that hell does that make her the strongest candidate? She must think Democrats are stupid.