SEO Consulting Services

Starting a new website? What are the tools and resources needed to market your website? Are those resources easily available online? These are the common questions that may or should arise in every webmaster’s mind.

One of the simplest answers is SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and with a little knowledge, one could establish and optimize a site. It is not impossible to establish a website on one’s own, however, establishing a website, generating back-links, establishing credibility, creating worthwhile content takes a lot of time and strategy. On the contrary, a little investment in terms of money for SEO services could reap you equal or more benefits in a shorter time. It’s like selling your house on your own versus leaving …

Search Engine Optimization for Images

While I did a search in for zoekmachine optimalisatie I found many SEO companies that include image optimization in their marketing packages. There are many different reasons why Webmasters and SEO firms start to optimize their images to be better listed by search engines. One of them is to improve ranking of your internal pages of the web site, for example if your web site is about branding you rather give file names to your images like internet-branding.jpg or brand-strategy.gif and do not use 76372NA.gif or SCR-70-1.jpg as this will not improve your position in search engine listings because it is totally unrelated to your content. Tell search engines what your images …

Why SEO Matters: a post on wpSnap about SEO Best Practices

I recently made a guest post on wpSnap regarding best practices to improve SERPs. It’s a good reminder of how we can improve and grow organic traffic by following some rather simple steps.

Here’s an excerpt:

Many sites built on WordPress use free themes that are more or less visually appealing but seldom optimized to help your site grow. With thousands of free themes out there, you would think it will be easy to find a theme that will do it all without some manual intervention, but that is not the case..

More on wpSnap - Best WordPress …

Free Blog Directory

The top tip for better SEO ranking is to submit your website URL to search engines and web directories. Yahoo has a paid directory and DMOZ takes forever to list new websites!

So quality free directories are your best bet and here’s a quality blog directory that is totally free! is a manually edited blog directory, unlike a lot of free directories which accept submissions from one and all. It is designed to support webmasters to promote their sites, by providing SEO-friendly static HTML links to help improve Pagerank. Spam submissions from pharma or related sites are rejected. Also, sites that contain only affiliate links and that are only …

SEO Checklist: Easy Tips to Generate FREE Web Traffic

Here’s a quick checklist of tips on improving site traffic (in no particular order):

Submit URLs to search engines and web directories to start the ranking process: Technorati, Google, Alexa, DMOZ.
A good domain name and targeted meta tags can help improve search engine rankings. Keep your tags relevant to your data.
Check your site validation from time to time.
It would not hurt to keep a banner ad of search engines on your website to boost your own ranking.
Trading links and advertisements with other web sites similar as yours will bring you more web site traffic.
Linkbaiting will tempt viewers to place links to your website from other websites. One of the most important features of site engine optimization is to …