wpSnap Site Reboot

When I started helping wpSnap on some of their technical issues last year, I realized that there was a lot of room to improve with the way conditional tags were written and addressed to produce the site that has among other things, featured listings, blogs and other WP themes all meshed into one pile of data in the backend. So when I was asked to redesign1 the site last month, I went a step ahead and offered to redo the backend as well.

The most prolific of issues on wpSnap (and other multi-author sites) seem to have stemmed from a new feature that was rolled into WordPress version 2.6, which was the creation of a new database table …

Cheap And Affordable Web Hosting Companies

Headsetoptions.org and Mandarinmusing.com have been providing Web Design, SEO, WordPress Themes and WordPress Customization services to promote bloggers and businesses create their unique brand images. We now offer premium Web Hosting for just $10 a month!

Reliability, disk space, bandwidth, upload/download speed, FTP access, operating system and programming tools, security and backup, and most importantly pricing and support are the key factors you must thoroughly do your homework in before you even go to the next step. Read this article as a beginner’s guide to choose a web hosting company.

Read web hosting reviews, both good and bad. You need to know …

Starting Your Local Web Design Business

Finding web design clients online has been a breeze for us, thanks to Google organic searches. Now we would like to also like to tap the local Richmond VA Web Design market for small businesses. So here are a few things we would do which you could do if you wanted to start up your own web designing company locally!

Volunteer web designing services to local, reputed organizations, high traffic businesses. It’s not easy to spend time giving away freebies, but patience pays. Try it and trust me you will gradually start establishing a nice network for yourself.
Advertise in all free spaces available, Craigslist.org, your city website, freelance designer websites. If you can afford to pay for …