PC Library of Error Codes

Did you know there are libraries for PC error codes? I did not, and for good reasons because most times when you do encounter errors, you often hit the reset or reboot and off you go. But that changed a while back when I was trying to recover data from an old hardware and ran into numerous issues that were until that point were unknown. That is when I found www.pc-library.com, a free resource for anyone who needs to know anything related to what system error messages actually mean!

With PC Library, I was able to quickly figure out what ports were being used, and the applications that were associated with specific port numbers. My very first …

Webmaster Blogs and Resources

Starting an online blog or an online business or an online website is not at all easy. From the domain name registration, to the choice of Content Management Software (CMS), web hosting, website marketing, website promotion, link building, search engine optimization, making money online, search-engine friendly scripts, etc., one requires not just basic knowledge, but in-depth awareness of the latest resources available online.

If you Google web resources, you will see hundreds of sites pop up. Now what does it indicate? Does it indicate that the sites that are on top are the best in that niche? Maybe yes, maybe not.

With more and more webmasters becoming increasingly well-versed with SEO, being on top does not necessarily indicate relevant searches or the …

Free phpBB Forum Hosting

One of the easiest ways to bring web traffic to a website is to build community sites, be it a free community forum, a website directory or an article website. “You get what you pay for” does not hold good in today’s date when Open Source has brought so many amazing free softwares, free CMS, free themes, free web icons and so much more. Name it and you can avail some of the most valuable resources online for free.

Forums-Free.com is a free forum hosting service that has been increasingly generating more visitors and registered users, with current stats reading 7,946 on Alexa. You may have heard of web hosting services, but what exactly is a forum …

An Insight To Downloading YouTube Videos

YouTube is the greatest video-sharing site of all times. The popularity of the site is immense. You can also download YouTube videos using certain services. It is estimated that the daily average bandwidth bills of YouTube amounts to one million dollars. People may start wondering how Google is able to keep the site online especially under such high costs. Advertisements are the main revenue source for YouTube. The sheer amount of users accumulated in the YouTube database makes the advertisers yield to the demand. It is also estimated that 74 million active YouTube accounts are at present available in YouTube. People enjoy the videos present in there. Many videos are also saved offline for watching …

WordPress Stats are Both Impressive and Downright Scary

Two stats caught my attention this afternoon, according to Matt, WordPress page views apparently grew from 1.5 billion to 6.5 billion/month. That is billion with a B. At almost the same time, according to IBM’s X-Force 2008 Trend Statistics, WordPress, as a blog platform is the 9th most vulnerable application vendor. Go figure.

Alexa Ranking -vs- Compete Site Analytics: Which is Closer to the Truth?

Since Alexa made changes to their ranking algorithm, headsetoptions.org dropped off the top 100K for over 3 months (we are back now), which has not been the case since we started some 20 months ago. The best score for our site was 36K, and on average was around 60K, now we are at around 90K. The drop in the ranking trend was similar to most all technology bloggers; even sites like TechCrunch lost out on the ranking game and were pushed back.

Of course it had no implication on traffic to the sites, but it makes a hell of a lot of difference to folks who rely on such free stats services to invest their advertising dollars, which begs the questions, is Alexa a true representation of reality? Is there a free online tool which is closer to the truth?

Google SERP Changes in August 2008 Rock the Boat

Have you noticed lately that certain keywords you traditionally scored high in Google are no longer driving traffic your way? Chances are that you lost the spot on Google SERP. Since the changes that started late July and continued into early August, most all web sites that relied on Google SERP have in one way or the other been affected. Case in point, we are no longer ranked for the keyword “Web Design”, it has been replaced by sites like About.com, WikiPedia.org, forums and directories, all of who basically provide no web design service, instead merely provide the definition of the same. Less than half the SE results are for actual providers of web design …

WordPress Exploit Scanner is a Life Saver

This plugin is probably one of the most useful and valuable tools to have if your site had used WordPress 2.3 ever (even for a day!). The plugin simply points out exploits and shows you the location of the malicious files, which you can then find and easily delete via FTP. You will be surprised how many such hacker installed files you will find, especially in unused themes and plugins (might not pose a threat, but must be removed nonetheless.) And if you are still using WordPress versions older than 2.5.1, you must upgrade immediately, else its only a matter of time before your site will get hacked.

Dynamic CSS Resizing of Embedded YouTube Videos

CSS TipsVideo embeds like the ones from YouTube can be valuable to tell a story. Though the built-in options for such videos allow the user to resize the video, it is not dynamic and is more than often a manual (irreversible) process. Say you would like to keep the video at it’s full size in the single post page but display a thumbnail in your sidebar, you can. A simple CSS and Javascript fix for IE would do the trick, here’s how:

How To Get Free Stuff Online?

What if you found a $20 on a sidewalk? Would you be lucky to have found it or smart to have picked it? This example if from a book I am reading currently - “Lucky or Smart - Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life” by Bo Peabody. We often get freebies we do not expect! if you were lucky, you would just have it coming to you without you making any effort of knowing the source at all.

However, if you are smart, there are various resources online where you can get free stuff, like gadgets. You may dismiss and block these pop-ups/websites that offer a free game console, free iPhone, free …