Palin Palling Around With Terrorists

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Idiosyncrasy of an Idiot

According to one news report, microbiologist Bruce Ivins carried out the deadly Anthrax attacks against “select” Senators who differed from Ivins pro-life ideology. “Killing” someone because they are not pro-life! Does that even make sense? If you cared so much about the life of an unborn child, shouldn’t you be a little more considerate towards fully developed adults? Oh, the irony is, Ivins killed himself.

Ding Fries Are Done!

Here’s a song that will change forever the way you sing/hum “Carol of the Bells”, here’s the original lyrics on Wiki. Merry Christmas!

Da Vinci Last Supper Images Superimposed

There’s huge buzz going around about Da Vinci “Last Supper” fresco and how this one IT geek was able to superimpose the reverse image of the same and is able to:

See a Templar knights in red robe on both sides of the table
See a person holding a baby, and
Mary Magdelene vanishes

Well, I looked at the images myself and I could not see any Templar, but I do see a figure holding something like a baby and indeed Mary is missing. Sorry about the poor resolution of the images, and I’ll let you be the judge!

Don’t blame the immigrants, blame the Muslims

Do you get the sense that our politicians and the media jerks alike are trying to make an issue with “skilled immigrants” in connection with the recently foiled terror plot in the UK?

I wish that for once they could just come out and say that the problem indeed are the Muslims and not all immigrants. When was the last time a Chinese or Filipino tried to fly a plane into a building? On the contrary, check this terror attacks map for the 21st century and you’ll soon find yourself running into the same lowest common dominator, A.K.A “Islamic Radicals”. So the …

On why he would wear a Belt Bomb

Gaza kid wounded

It’s quite simple, if I lost my wife, mother, daughter, son, or my father to military aggression, I too would wear a belt bomb. Why the heck can’t they figure this out? Violence begets violence.

What is Ismail Ax? Answer…

The whole blogosphere seem to be searching for the meaning of the phrase “ismail ax”, which I believe was scribbled on the Virginia Tech shooters arm! I think I may have the answer for it, here it is:

Get a life, we already know who did it and why, so knowing the meaning of the phrase will lead us no place but to corners of bigotry and sanctuary of skeptics, so why waste your time, read something light for a change!