SEO Adsense Ready Advanced WordPress Theme: Black and White

Black & White is an advanced 3-column Google Adsense ready WordPress theme (re)designed and search engine optimized by MandarinMusing and Headsetoptions. The theme is based on work by David Herreman.

SEO Adsense Ready Advanced WordPress Theme Black and White

Black & White: Download WordPress Theme | Live Demo
There was bug in the header that migrated from our demo site where we tested this theme before release, sincere apologies! Thanks to David for pointing it out.
Thomas pointed out another bug, thanks!

Apologies to those who downloaded and got frustrated trying …

Anatomy of a Magazine Style Premium WordPress Theme - Part 1 “The Loop”

Let me say it for the millionth time “content is king” and we all know that, don’t we?

featured wordpress postsSince content is the most important part of a site, your WordPress powered theme must emphasis on its presentation. Most cookie cutter themes come with a post list that runs based on the time your posts were published, in other words a chronological list of posts irrespective of its importance. Let’s face it, not all posts are created equal. Some posts are special, some are important and then some not quite so. Why then should all posts get the same treatment?

Magazine styled themes do a fine job of addressing this by introducing the featured … gets a CSS Reboot

A YUI grid based design that actually works across all browsers and validates now skins ManadrinMusing. The total design time was less than 12 hours and most were hand coded from scratch (except the YUI grid part that was corrected for validation). Check it out!

Hello Goodbye

I am back from my “much needed” vacation. I managed to survive with less than 2 hours of Internet access per day and making just one theme (which will be released tonight) in the last three weeks. I think I also managed to piss off two of my big clients and numerous others by my lack of response but that I am sure its forgivable considering I was out town!

There is a consensus within our team that since we do not have the luxury of time to blog each day, we will revamp this site to make it more business-centric and less bloggy, not sure how the new site will look but I …

Evolution 3C Advanced WordPress Theme

Evolution 3C

Evolution: Download Link | Test run

3 Column, Brown, Red, White, Fixed width, Widget ready, Options Page, Right sidebars, Adsense Ready, Professional Blog Template

Evolution is 3 column advanced ”widget” ready Web 2.0 WordPress theme designed by MandarinMusing and Headsetoptions based partly on design by TriStarWeb. This clean, professional theme has an option page to change the header color, change the fonts, font color and much more. The theme has both right sidebars and bottom sidebars that are widget ready. The theme is also Google Adsense styled and was supported by Web Design Company + Ecommerce Software. Please …

Melmac: New Advanced 2-Column WordPress Theme

Melmac 2C

Melmac: Download Link | Test run

2 Column, Blue, White, Fixed width, Widget ready, Right sidebars, Adsense Ready, Professional Blog Template

Melmac is a new advanced 2 column “widget” and “adsense” ready Web 2.0 WordPress theme with a professional look designed by MandarinMusing and Headsetoptions based partly on design by Goroton. This clean, professional theme has an option page to change the background image to black, green or red, or change the fonts, font color and much more. The theme is also Google Adsense ready and was supported by Regulation AB + Dedicated Servers. …

New WordPress Theme “Praca Redux”

Just released a 3 column version of Praca, a theme based in part on Blix and Blix Redux. This theme is widget ready, but works well just as is. The 3 column provides ample room to sort the navigation components and advertisements.

Here are some useful links: Test Run | Download

Blix Redux Released

I consider myself a remix designer, if you know what I mean, like musicians who take an old tune and makes it more catchy! Here’s Blix Redux, from the name it is quite obvious that the back end is “Blix” theme, colored and adopted to suit new blogging needs. And just like before, I used my wife’s painting as the header picture! We got some Search Engine Optimization tips from Etrix. Check it out.

Blix Redux : Test Run | Download

K2 Redux-Warhol Theme Released

I am pleased to announce the release of K2 Redux-Warhol theme. This customizable theme provides the options of black and white page colors using K2 backend and header picture from my wife’s paintings!

K2 Redux-Warhol Black : Test Run | Download

3K2 Redux-Klein Theme Released

This is the official release of a new WP theme titled 3K2 Redux with Klein flavor. This theme is a highly customizable version of K2, clubbing 3 and 2-column options into one neat package. This is the second in the series of 4 (for the time being) flavors inspired by my wife’s paintings. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed coloring K2!

The theme will be supported at

Grab the theme from below and give it a try. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Download | Demo
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