Palin Palling Around With Terrorists

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Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia Page Altered One Day Before Nomination

Sarah Palin is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2008 presidential election. Yesterday, someone close to Palin made a whole bunch of edits to her Wikipedia entry making it a little more palatable for the centrists. For those who are interested in the old page, check Google’s cached version or download screenshots (might be slow to load due to file size) from August 21st 2008 and August 29th 2008 and compare the notes for yourself.

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Copyright Infringement by British Prime Minister’s Web Designer

British Prime Minister’s #10 blog is apparently not honoring the copyright agreement of the theme developer, in spite of the Creative Commons licensing. Theme copyright infringements are a serious issue that many non-themers overlook, mostly because it conveniently services their purpose. The old theme viewer was plagued with this issue that eventually led to creation of a new admin monitored repository. With the growing popularity of WordPress, this issue left unaddressed will only lead to more such goof ups or worse, blatant rip-offs, which will eventually lead to a decline in free quality themes.

WordPress Stats are Both Impressive and Downright Scary

Two stats caught my attention this afternoon, according to Matt, WordPress page views apparently grew from 1.5 billion to 6.5 billion/month. That is billion with a B. At almost the same time, according to IBM’s X-Force 2008 Trend Statistics, WordPress, as a blog platform is the 9th most vulnerable application vendor. Go figure.

Idiosyncrasy of an Idiot

According to one news report, microbiologist Bruce Ivins carried out the deadly Anthrax attacks against “select” Senators who differed from Ivins pro-life ideology. “Killing” someone because they are not pro-life! Does that even make sense? If you cared so much about the life of an unborn child, shouldn’t you be a little more considerate towards fully developed adults? Oh, the irony is, Ivins killed himself.

Theme Viewer Alternative at

The theme version of the plugin directory is open at The only catch is the theme needs to be exclusively GPL Compatible. Why is that an issue? When you have original work licensed under GPL, you no longer have creative control over how it can be used, simply put, anyone can download your work, add their links (own or paid) or malware code and distributed it without your consent. Do you really want that to happen? Isn’t that the reason why we shut the Theme Viewer in the first place?

Midwest Flood Updates on Red Cross Site

The June 4th floods have raged for over 2 weeks now, and Bush finally made time to get there. In the mean time, Red Cross Midwest has set up a site on to provide updates, at some 240 posts over 10 days, this site provides updates that are brief and some very detailed instructions to those in the affected region.

Hacking - a Multi-million Dollar Industry

Jonathan Zittrain, professor of internet governance at the Oxford Internet Institute, who is also the author of “The Future Of The Internet And How To Stop It“, says that from 1998, hacking exploded. It is now all about making money. Listen to his interview on BBC Radio 4.

WordPress 2.5 Upgrade: WordPress 2.5.1 is available! Please update now Message Appears after Upgrade Troubleshooting

When a client of mine upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 from WordPress 2.5 she encountered an issue where the database will not upgrading, resulting in the “WordPress 2.5.1 is available! Please update now.” flashing in her dashboard and every other admin pages. On initial search of the WordPress support forum, we found the following strings that pointed us in a certain direction:

wordpress 2.5

Neither strings suggest solutions that are easy or safe, however, I urge you check these posts and then search your install via file manager/FTP/WebFTP to ensure you do not have files with the following extensions anywhere within a writable …

Photoshop Express tries to top Flickr

ps expressNot a big fan of Adobe, but this is worth the post. The new offering from Adobe packs more firepower than any other social media network (including Flickr). With their competitive edge in the media manipulation market with Photoshop, it is no wonder that they decided to call this online application “Photoshop Express”. I suggest you check it out, it has tons of cool features that only Photoshop can offer, it’s like having your own copy of Photoshop, only its online. You will not be disappointed. P.S. I created a gallery with a few images, all of which are “Photoshopped” using this very online application. Check it out!