The Big MediaTemple Crash

Added later: apparently it was not their server, but a network issue experiences only by Comcast customers due to a break in their traffic routing to the West Coast!
If you are reading this, we are back up again from this afternoons crash which pulled the plug on tens of thousands of web sites. It was not just sites on (dv) or (gs), even premium sites like TechCrunch and Jeffrey Zeldman (promoters of MT) were not spared, even was down, as if the whole place came down crashing! Questions on redundancy, data protection and web security creep into ones mind when you realize that for the period of this …

(mt) Grid Down and Back

As you might have noticed, a few of our sites on (mt) went down last night due to an upgrade that went wrong; we are back now (12/01/2007, 2.03 PM EST) and hopefully did not lose any data. It seems like most of the hosts no longer offer uptime guarantees, clever move on their part. I love (mt) but am looking to upgrade, (mt) DV or other VPS maybe. Any suggestions?