New Magazine Style Theme eMagazine

eMagazine is a back to the basic theme with emphasis on visual presentation and with plenty of room for future development. This version 0.8 is fixed width and with 2 fixed right sidebars. Future version will have options to move sidebars to the left (or on both sides of content) and other advance functions such as touchless CSS edits, content placement and Javascript tabber.

New WordPress Theme eMagazine

Just like our other free premium advanced WordPress themes, including the most recent PointSpace and WExp, this (beta) theme does the job as is and works will all versions of WordPress up to 2.5.x.

Here are a few features of this early version:

Adding a category called Featured (with a capital F) activates the featured post option.
Both sidebars are widget ready.
Posts and sidebar are adsense styled - easily add your adsense code located in separate files.
Search engine optimized - use without worry of duplicate posts or rearranging title tags.
XHTML validated.
CSS 3 validated (will show opacity error in CSS 2.1).

Free Advanced WordPress Theme Unbound

Unbound is an full-function advanced WordPress theme with touch free “CSS” customization functionality built in. The theme has practically no set up time and works straight out of the box.

Advanced WordPress Theme Unbound

Just like our other free premium advanced WordPress themes, “Unbound” comes packed with all the great functions and features we offer for free, such as…

Theme edit options within WP Admin panel: Now you can edit like a pro without messing with codes.
Change the header image from the WP Admin panel.
Featured-regular posts highlights your important posts by placing it at the very top of the site.
Second level conditional menus.
Tabbed JavaScript …

Anatomy of a Magazine Style Premium WordPress Theme - Part 3.2 “Conditional Navigation Menus”

As the tutorials run longer than we prefer, we have broken section 3 into 3 sub-sections, you can find sub-section 1 regarding second level menu here.
The navigational aspect of a site, especially one that is database driven, should have menus that are dynamically generated just like the rest of its content, but is seldom the case. The reason is not the lack of information or techniques, but rather the developer underestimating the role of effective navigation to the success of a site. A site with poor navigation is just as or bad or worse than a site with poor content.

conditional menu
Magazine style themes have overcome …

Advanced Free Premium WordPress Theme Fresh

Fresh is a free premium (fremium) advanced WordPress theme. This full feature theme is built with our fully customizable advance edit “without touching any coding” functionality.

Magazine Style Advanced WordPress Theme Fresh

Just like our other free premium advanced themes, Fresh includes loads of cool functions as listed below:

Advance theme edit options, which helps in editing design elements such as colors, fonts, header image and more without touching the CSS.
Featured-regular posts: Displays important posts in a “Featured” category at the very top of the site.
Second level, conditional and dropdown menus with out elaborate set up procedures.
Tabbed JavaScript sidebar widget to …

Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme Colourise

Here’s another free magazine style theme “Colourise”. This is a full functional theme can be completely customized without touching any code.

Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme Colourise

The theme includes all the cool functions of all our earlier free premium themes, here’s a short list:

Advance theme design edit options to edit colors, fonts, header and more without touching the CSS.
Featured-regular posts, accomplished by just the creation of a category called “Featured” (with a capital F) and coded to be Search Engine Friendly (optimized).
Second level, conditional and dropdown menus and no set up required.
Tabbed JavaScript sidebar widget
Sidebars that are widget ready and pre-styled for Google …

Free Magazine Style Theme The Studio

Here’s another absolutely Free Magazine Style Theme! This theme is not only full functional, it’s also completely customizable, all without touching any code.

Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme: The  Studio
So what features come standard with this magazine WordPress theme
The theme includes all the cool functions we have come to expect from any paid premium theme, only now you can have it for free, here’s the short list:

Advance edit options allows users to edit the style without learning or knowing CSS. You can even change the header image without touching a line of code, all from the options page….

Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme: The Box

Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme: The BoxWhy pay for a Magazine WordPress Theme when you can get one for free? Introducing The Box, the all-inclusive magazine style WordPress theme that has all the cool features of a premium theme straight out of “the box”. Best of all, it is absolutely Free!
Ola Hedin of pointed out an IE 6 issue that was fixed on 05/06/2008 at 9:48 PM EST. Thanks Ola
The theme includes among other functions advance edit options, featured-regular post option, second level, conditional and dropdown menus, tabbed JavaScript interface, widget ready sidebars and is pre-styled for Google Adsense and coded to be search engine friendly (optimized).
Demo and Download
Click …

Anatomy of a Magazine Style Premium WordPress Theme - Part 3.1 “Navigation – Second Level Menu”

As this tutorial runs longer than we initially anticipated, we will break section 3 further into three sub-sections.
In our ongoing exercise to learn the nuts and bolts of a magazine style WordPress theme, we examine what has become by far the most ignored part of a theme design, the navigation menu.

revolution magazine style theme menuAs important as they are, they are often found floating in the header or worse the sidebar and almost never used to its fullest as rightfully should. Today we will change that. We are dedicating three sections just to discuss navigation menus, its varied uses, and the various methods of using it. So why wait, let’s get started.
Why …

SEO Adsense Ready Advanced WordPress Theme: Black and White

Black & White is an advanced 3-column Google Adsense ready WordPress theme (re)designed and search engine optimized by MandarinMusing and Headsetoptions. The theme is based on work by David Herreman.

SEO Adsense Ready Advanced WordPress Theme Black and White

Black & White: Download WordPress Theme | Live Demo
There was bug in the header that migrated from our demo site where we tested this theme before release, sincere apologies! Thanks to David for pointing it out.
Thomas pointed out another bug, thanks!

Apologies to those who downloaded and got frustrated trying …

Anatomy of a Magazine Style Premium WordPress Theme - Part 2: DOMTab, Tabber, more

In continuing our efforts of slicing and dicing a Magazine style WordPress theme, we come to a very interesting juncture with Java interfaces. This probable is the most ubiquitous feature of most all magazine themes. If you think about it, it makes sense that magazine style themes use this non-obtrusive code to help manage content.

DOMtab interfaceThese sidebar tabbed interface gives you the most bang for you buck in terms of digital real-estate. Granted that it will not necessarily minimize bandwidth usage by loading the page any faster, but nonetheless provides an alternative to having the entire content load on each and every page (even where …