Idiosyncrasy of an Idiot

According to one news report, microbiologist Bruce Ivins carried out the deadly Anthrax attacks against “select” Senators who differed from Ivins pro-life ideology. “Killing” someone because they are not pro-life! Does that even make sense? If you cared so much about the life of an unborn child, shouldn’t you be a little more considerate towards fully developed adults? Oh, the irony is, Ivins killed himself.

Cost of Life V: Medics charged of HIV/AIDS released from Libya

Libya aids victimOK, the ordeal is over for the 6 Bulgarian and the solo Palestinian doctor, Sarkozy and his sidekicks got the much needed political boast, but for over 400 children infected with the AIDS virus, the monitory compensation is nothing more than a slap on the face by rich Europeans nations and an utter disrespect to the value of human life, especially the lives of the under-privileged.

Simple math (as we always use) suggest that a child in Africa can be infected with aids (knowingly or due to poor working conditions- whatever) for a million USD, or less than £500,000 per child.

How much will it cost to infect …

Matt takes over

no bullSo we are not trying to wait it out or anything like that, we are just as sick of it as y’all are so let’s get this thing done and over with. Today will not go down in history as the day WordPress died; in fact it’s the opposite. In my opinion, WordPress is the best open source CMS out there, and can remain that way if we all took the chill pill and got our acts together.

Talking about acts, here’s a confession to add for your weekend gossip, Mark and I have lived a dual life for the past 4 months on WordPress both as designers and as the moderator of, yes we were cleaning out the mess and doing the dirty job while Matt and Mark (Gosh) were busy smearing us with the tar of being the bad guys. But as Matt would thanklessly say, “no one asked us to do it”, we volunteered!

So why are we only coming out now? We do not seek attention, but this might be the best opportunity to bring to the attention of the WP communities some of the challenges we are facing today that must be addressed and could very well be prevented when Matt takes over the themes repository completely (as widely speculated) for whatever the reason. Think of this as the “Moderators” public service announcement. But before we go, I would like to clear the air and talk a little about why and how we got here in the first place.

Crazy Patents

On my drive home, I caught this unusual news coverage about “Crazy Patents”. That’s right, patents that are obvious (and obviously stupid) are listed on Free Patents under the Crazy section, take a look! 

The one patent that particularly caught my attention was #7062320, a “Device for the treatment of hiccups” that appears to be a glass that shocks you when you drink from it!

If you thought that was bad, there is more, read this patents claims. Scroll down to claim number 9 and you will find out that it was just include to find out if the inventor “actually read their own claims”, of …

Digg this!

Could this be the end of Digg?

Digg seem to have dug it’s own grave!

Bush says “Mission Accomplished” again!

Bush vetoed the war-spending bill again! In a repeat of the famous 2003 speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, President Bush, this time speaking from the Jedi Temple said “4 years and $500,000,000,000 dollars later, the mission remains accomplished”.

This leads me to the question, what else could we have done with a meager $500 billion? Experts say, $500 billion can fund our Social Security program for the next 75 years and a quick calculation tells me that we can give every individual on this planet, (terrorist or otherwise) $85 each!

In summary, somewhere along the spending spree, 1) we forgot all about bin Laden, 2) blindly theorized …

Crack Cocaine: Mandatory Minimum Sentences Rule turns 20

I heard this in the news today, if a person is caught with “crack� cocaine, the sentencing is 100 times more harsh as compared to getting caught with powdered cocaine, hundred times!

This was cleverly designed in the early 90’s to go after the poor, inner-city minorities. While the rich and famous continue to abuse the more refined powdered form of this mind altering drug, the poor get jailed for years for carrying much less. For example, a person carrying 5 grams of crack is sentenced in most cases harsher than a person with 500 grams of powdered cocaine.

If it is not already obvious that the sentencing is unfair and …

The Hardball vs. The Sleaze Ball

The final debate between Allen and Webb was on TV. Allen as always spun and spun and got nowhere, he even tried making it up with minorities by invoking African American supporters and Latinos!

jim webballen Among other things, the candidates debated on affirmation action, big oil, profiteering, economics, education, energy and dependency on Middle Eastern oil, environment, health care, infrastructure, nuclear and sustainable technology, immigration, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mark Foley, our media, and of course race! Allen had a well-scripted rhetoric, probably borrowed from Bush’s camp. …

Gonzales Says CIA Rendition “A Myth�, Latest Victim Say Otherwise

CIAA Syrian-born Canadian computer engineer was arrested late 2002 and secretly shipped to Syria for a year, where, according he was tortured and made to issue false confession. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales dismissed all allegation of US wrongdoing and in a profoundly stupid way said “I did not read the commission report on Maher Arar�.

Listen to Maher Arar’s interview on NPR.

Smells Fishy

fish soupWhen you walk into a fancy restaurant and order a $23 “champagne braised black grouper”, you expect to get a $23 “champagne braised black grouper”, right. But according to a recent report by St. Petersburg Time in Tampa Bay, FL, more than half the time, you end up being served some cheap Asian catfish.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services clearly states that “Failure to accurately and truthfully identify food items for sale, such as undisclosed substitution of one type of fish for another, is a violation of Florida law.� But this multimillion-dollar racket has been on for long, and the state law seems to make very little difference. After all, how many of us can tell a burnt cat fish from a pan seared grouper! So the next time you are out for some seafood, chose something that is easy to identify, like Zucchini, because restaurants will continue serving up fakes, until they are netted.

Listen to this story on NPR.