Sarah Palin’s Wikipedia Page Altered One Day Before Nomination

Sarah Palin is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2008 presidential election. Yesterday, someone close to Palin made a whole bunch of edits to her Wikipedia entry making it a little more palatable for the centrists. For those who are interested in the old page, check Google’s cached version or download screenshots (might be slow to load due to file size) from August 21st 2008 and August 29th 2008 and compare the notes for yourself.

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Barack Obama on McCain’s “Seven” Homes

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Who Would You Like to be the Next US President? Unscientific Poll

We are running a poll on our site, we have a candidate in mind that we would like to endorse and promote. We would like your opinion to help us figure out if we are all on the same wavelength (or not). What will the outcome of this pool mean for our reader? If the majority of the readers support the same candidate as us, we will promote heavily as we did in the past, if not, we will limit it to occasional posts. Why would it matter? Because we do not want to distance our readers for any reason, our primary interest is in your servicing you. So go ahead and poll, don’t wait!