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Starting an online blog or an online business or an online website is not at all easy. From the domain name registration, to the choice of Content Management Software (CMS), web hosting, website marketing, website promotion, link building, search engine optimization, making money online, search-engine friendly scripts, etc., one requires not just basic knowledge, but in-depth awareness of the latest resources available online.

If you Google web resources, you will see hundreds of sites pop up. Now what does it indicate? Does it indicate that the sites that are on top are the best in that niche? Maybe yes, maybe not.

With more and more webmasters becoming increasingly well-versed with SEO, being on top does not necessarily indicate relevant searches or the …

Starting Your Local Web Design Business

Finding web design clients online has been a breeze for us, thanks to Google organic searches. Now we would like to also like to tap the local Richmond VA Web Design market for small businesses. So here are a few things we would do which you could do if you wanted to start up your own web designing company locally!

Volunteer web designing services to local, reputed organizations, high traffic businesses. It’s not easy to spend time giving away freebies, but patience pays. Try it and trust me you will gradually start establishing a nice network for yourself.
Advertise in all free spaces available, Craigslist.org, your city website, freelance designer websites. If you can afford to pay for …

How To Get Free Stuff Online?

What if you found a $20 on a sidewalk? Would you be lucky to have found it or smart to have picked it? This example if from a book I am reading currently - “Lucky or Smart - Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life” by Bo Peabody. We often get freebies we do not expect! if you were lucky, you would just have it coming to you without you making any effort of knowing the source at all.

However, if you are smart, there are various resources online where you can get free stuff, like gadgets. You may dismiss and block these pop-ups/websites that offer a free game console, free iPhone, free …

Free eBook: Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress

Caroline Middlebrook has published a free eBook about making money with niche sites powered by WordPress. The books discusses Google Adsense, WordPress plugins and tips on monetizing your site with relevant content. The eBook is a recommend read for new and old bloggers alike. Grab your copy from here.

We are a Richmond, VA based Web Design Company

richmond virginia usa courtesy WikiPediaWhy this sudden proclamation? Well, we have been in business for over a year now and we have had the pleasure of serving folks from across the globe, but ironically, none from Richmond VA, a.k.a ‘our backyard’ per say. The reason is simple, it’s a SEO thing.

If you opened Google and typed in “Web Design”, you will notice us on the very first page, yes, we do web design and we make it very obvious in almost every post of ours and each page. But we being in Richmond, VA is insignificant in the big picture, after all, we never really meet our clients in person, so why should our geographical …

How is Yahoo different from Google, explains Jeff Weiner

Is AOL trying to be the next Yahoo?

Did Google try to be the next Yahoo? Yes and no.
Google has got extraordinary attention in the last two years, most of which could be attributed to the contribution of users. Google’s strategy of becoming bigger and better is by buying everything that has potential for growth, mostly in terms of numbers.
Jeff WeinerIn the Web 2.0 Expo this month in San Francisco, Jeff Weiner, Yahoo’s executive Vice President  listed some significant differences between Google and Yahoo:

1. Yahoo places a value on intellectual properties. Google does not.
2. Media companies are attracted to Yahoo because of it’s capability to program and package quality  content.
3.  Google …

“Envision”: Clean New Adsense Ready Web 2.0 WP Theme

ENVISION: Download | Test run
2 Column, Blue, White, Rounded Corners, Fixed width, Widget ready, Right sidebar, Personal Blog, Business blog/Corporate Template
Envision is a sleek, neat and clean, 2 column, “widget ready” WordPress theme with a right sidebar and a professional Web 2.0 look by headsetoptions.org and MandarinMusing, based on a design by Erwin Aligam. Professional Web 2.0 Template for business/corporate/tech blogs.

Please go to our Wordpress downloads and support page for theme support, queries or customized web design projects.You may view, download and testrun more of our themes here.

Please …