Baba The Storyteller Story: The Fool

I worked on a site a while ago for a famous West Coast Kora Musician and Master Teller of Tales, Baba. Yesterday, out of the blue he sent me a nice piece of story which I thought I should share with the world. With everything that is happening around us, the war and our economy, this story offers a welcome break and a much needed dose of wisdom, wit and wonderful storytelling all in one; so without much ado, here’s the story.
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Chavez’s Wall Clock Beats Internal Body Clock

Researchers say they have identified the chemical switch that controls the genetic mechanism regulating people’s internal body clocks. Coincidentally, President Hugo Chavez came up with an alternative way of regulating the internal body clocks of his citizens, i.e. by creating Venezuela’s own unique time zone by putting the clock back half-an-hour on a permanent basis and forcing the whole nation to rise early. Brilliant!

Cost of Life V: Medics charged of HIV/AIDS released from Libya

Libya aids victimOK, the ordeal is over for the 6 Bulgarian and the solo Palestinian doctor, Sarkozy and his sidekicks got the much needed political boast, but for over 400 children infected with the AIDS virus, the monitory compensation is nothing more than a slap on the face by rich Europeans nations and an utter disrespect to the value of human life, especially the lives of the under-privileged.

Simple math (as we always use) suggest that a child in Africa can be infected with aids (knowingly or due to poor working conditions- whatever) for a million USD, or less than £500,000 per child.

How much will it cost to infect …

Bush says “Mission Accomplished” again!

Bush vetoed the war-spending bill again! In a repeat of the famous 2003 speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, President Bush, this time speaking from the Jedi Temple said “4 years and $500,000,000,000 dollars later, the mission remains accomplished”.

This leads me to the question, what else could we have done with a meager $500 billion? Experts say, $500 billion can fund our Social Security program for the next 75 years and a quick calculation tells me that we can give every individual on this planet, (terrorist or otherwise) $85 each!

In summary, somewhere along the spending spree, 1) we forgot all about bin Laden, 2) blindly theorized …

The Real Rainmaker

Thought this was cool, according to BBC:
Tanzania has been given permission to import rain-making technology from the king of Thailand, Thai media report.
rainmakerThe patented cloud-seeding technique involves aircraft releasing a chemical into clouds to induce rainfall.
How it works?

Aircraft or artillery spray chemicals (often silver iodide or dry ice) into clouds to encourage tiny vapour droplets to coalesce
Droplets of supercooled water (liquid below 0C) coalesce into snow and melt as they fall
Heat released as the droplets freeze boosts updrafts, which pull more moist air into the cloud

I am pretty sure this has been around for a while, had not see it mentioned in the news for a long while though!

The Numbers say it All

Eroding support

Climate change

War in Iraq

 Obvious suspects are Nigeria, Kenya and Philippines! What’s up with them?