Block Rocker WordPress Theme

Block Rocker is an “back to the basics” widget ready WordPress theme based on a TextPattern template by Squared Eye.
Demo, Download and License
Block Rocker WordPress ThemeTest the theme by running the demo, then grab a copy of Block Rocker WordPress theme. This theme is free for personal use, we urge you refer to the license section below before downloading if you plan on using it commercially or otherwise. The theme works with WordPress versions 2.0.x through 2.5.

The theme was ported over from TextPattern by the collaborative effort of MandarinMusing …

WordPress 2.5 Upgrade: WordPress 2.5.1 is available! Please update now Message Appears after Upgrade Troubleshooting

When a client of mine upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1 from WordPress 2.5 she encountered an issue where the database will not upgrading, resulting in the “WordPress 2.5.1 is available! Please update now.” flashing in her dashboard and every other admin pages. On initial search of the WordPress support forum, we found the following strings that pointed us in a certain direction:

wordpress 2.5

Neither strings suggest solutions that are easy or safe, however, I urge you check these posts and then search your install via file manager/FTP/WebFTP to ensure you do not have files with the following extensions anywhere within a writable …

Web Design or Blog Design

I get this question a lot; do you web design or blog design? and I say, is there a difference?

web designMost new site that I work on are built using free CMS like WordPress and Textpattern so they tend to have a bloggy feel to it, so I see where this question might arise from. But to me, a work done specifically to be published online, irrespective of the site being a blog, is considered “web design”, if it’s on the web and it involves designing, its web design.

With that said, there are many interpretation of what constitutes as web design. Not all web designs are created equal. …

Free Advanced WordPress Theme Unbound

Unbound is an full-function advanced WordPress theme with touch free “CSS” customization functionality built in. The theme has practically no set up time and works straight out of the box.

Advanced WordPress Theme Unbound

Just like our other free premium advanced WordPress themes, “Unbound” comes packed with all the great functions and features we offer for free, such as…

Theme edit options within WP Admin panel: Now you can edit like a pro without messing with codes.
Change the header image from the WP Admin panel.
Featured-regular posts highlights your important posts by placing it at the very top of the site.
Second level conditional menus.
Tabbed JavaScript …

We are a Richmond, VA based Web Design Company

richmond virginia usa courtesy WikiPediaWhy this sudden proclamation? Well, we have been in business for over a year now and we have had the pleasure of serving folks from across the globe, but ironically, none from Richmond VA, a.k.a ‘our backyard’ per say. The reason is simple, it’s a SEO thing.

If you opened Google and typed in “Web Design”, you will notice us on the very first page, yes, we do web design and we make it very obvious in almost every post of ours and each page. But we being in Richmond, VA is insignificant in the big picture, after all, we never really meet our clients in person, so why should our geographical …

(mt) Grid Down and Back

As you might have noticed, a few of our sites on (mt) went down last night due to an upgrade that went wrong; we are back now (12/01/2007, 2.03 PM EST) and hopefully did not lose any data. It seems like most of the hosts no longer offer uptime guarantees, clever move on their part. I love (mt) but am looking to upgrade, (mt) DV or other VPS maybe. Any suggestions?

Top 40 WordPress Blogs at WP Themes Gallery

Artur at WP Themes Gallery has compiled a list of 40 blogs relating to WordPress. The site also uses an algorithm to ranks each of these blogs partly based on Google PR, Alexa Traffic Rank and Technorati Authority Rank.

We are both pleased and flattered to find at least 2 blogs we are directly involved in (placed 13th and 24th) and one we helped design (placed 34th) listed in top 40. The list also includes many WP greats and friends of ours. This collection of blogs makes a great bookmark for current/relevant sites for WordPress news, views, and more. I encourage our readers to visit and bookmark the …