Block Rocker WordPress Theme

Block Rocker is an “back to the basics” widget ready WordPress theme based on a TextPattern template by Squared Eye.
Demo, Download and License
Block Rocker WordPress ThemeTest the theme by running the demo, then grab a copy of Block Rocker WordPress theme. This theme is free for personal use, we urge you refer to the license section below before downloading if you plan on using it commercially or otherwise. The theme works with WordPress versions 2.0.x through 2.5.

The theme was ported over from TextPattern by the collaborative effort of MandarinMusing …

Spring 2008 Reboot Prelude

The site is in transition to a simpler and visually engaging design, in the mean time, experience what a free theme and a sleepless weekend can do to your site! This mid-spring pre-reboot reboot is just an idea mash-up. The true reboot will be available on May 1st 2008 and will be built using hand tossed XHTML/CSS, a dash of PHP, some Javascript and home made grid.

SEO Adsense Ready Advanced WordPress Theme: Black and White

Black & White is an advanced 3-column Google Adsense ready WordPress theme (re)designed and search engine optimized by MandarinMusing and Headsetoptions. The theme is based on work by David Herreman.

SEO Adsense Ready Advanced WordPress Theme Black and White

Black & White: Download WordPress Theme | Live Demo
There was bug in the header that migrated from our demo site where we tested this theme before release, sincere apologies! Thanks to David for pointing it out.
Thomas pointed out another bug, thanks!

Apologies to those who downloaded and got frustrated trying …

Weekend Reboot - New Design Based on Gluttony by Small Potato

If you are a frequent visitor, you will notice that the site was rebooted over the weekend using a fabulous design by WP Designer.

For the sake of comparison, I have included an image (linked to demo) of the original theme Gluttony along with a screenshot of the current version.

gluttony theme by small potato

gGrid theme by headsetoptions

Of course the design is more than just CSS hacks, we added numerous conditional statements to make the experience more user friendly. The design itself … gets a CSS Reboot

A YUI grid based design that actually works across all browsers and validates now skins ManadrinMusing. The total design time was less than 12 hours and most were hand coded from scratch (except the YUI grid part that was corrected for validation). Check it out!