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The theme version of the plugin directory is open at The only catch is the theme needs to be exclusively GPL Compatible. Why is that an issue? When you have original work licensed under GPL, you no longer have creative control over how it can be used, simply put, anyone can download your work, add their links (own or paid) or malware code and distributed it without your consent. Do you really want that to happen? Isn’t that the reason why we shut the Theme Viewer in the first place?

“The Future of WordPress Themes” Opinion Poll

A high level opinion poll concerning WordPress themes and its future is presented on Ian’s new site Theme Shaper. Highly recommended read for WordPress theme designers and enthusiasts alike. I have my 2 cents in there too!

Free Magazine Style Theme The Studio

Here’s another absolutely Free Magazine Style Theme! This theme is not only full functional, it’s also completely customizable, all without touching any code.

Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme: The  Studio
So what features come standard with this magazine WordPress theme
The theme includes all the cool functions we have come to expect from any paid premium theme, only now you can have it for free, here’s the short list:

Advance edit options allows users to edit the style without learning or knowing CSS. You can even change the header image without touching a line of code, all from the options page….

Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme: The Box

Free Magazine Style WordPress Theme: The BoxWhy pay for a Magazine WordPress Theme when you can get one for free? Introducing The Box, the all-inclusive magazine style WordPress theme that has all the cool features of a premium theme straight out of “the box”. Best of all, it is absolutely Free!
Ola Hedin of pointed out an IE 6 issue that was fixed on 05/06/2008 at 9:48 PM EST. Thanks Ola
The theme includes among other functions advance edit options, featured-regular post option, second level, conditional and dropdown menus, tabbed JavaScript interface, widget ready sidebars and is pre-styled for Google Adsense and coded to be search engine friendly (optimized).
Demo and Download
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Matt takes over

no bullSo we are not trying to wait it out or anything like that, we are just as sick of it as y’all are so let’s get this thing done and over with. Today will not go down in history as the day WordPress died; in fact it’s the opposite. In my opinion, WordPress is the best open source CMS out there, and can remain that way if we all took the chill pill and got our acts together.

Talking about acts, here’s a confession to add for your weekend gossip, Mark and I have lived a dual life for the past 4 months on WordPress both as designers and as the moderator of, yes we were cleaning out the mess and doing the dirty job while Matt and Mark (Gosh) were busy smearing us with the tar of being the bad guys. But as Matt would thanklessly say, “no one asked us to do it”, we volunteered!

So why are we only coming out now? We do not seek attention, but this might be the best opportunity to bring to the attention of the WP communities some of the challenges we are facing today that must be addressed and could very well be prevented when Matt takes over the themes repository completely (as widely speculated) for whatever the reason. Think of this as the “Moderators” public service announcement. But before we go, I would like to clear the air and talk a little about why and how we got here in the first place.

The Other Point of View – A Designers Opinion on Sponsored Themes

no bull shitI took the backseat for much of this debate that has been raging for a few weeks now, but it’s time for my response. At Headsetoptions, we are two designers with over 70 themes to our humble credit, some original, some modified and most ported from free CSS templates designed by our friends, and most of our themes created with the aid of sponsors. Why am I saying this, and why now? Well, today, there was a huge cry about “Sponsored Themes” on a popular download site and hoards of users and designers decided to jump on the “kill the designers” bandwagon …

Gray Dark Theme Released

I just uploaded a theme on WP Theme Viewer. It is called Gray (Dark), it is a very simple theme with shades of gray and all the features needed for blogging.
Test run the theme by clicking here.

Download the theme and install instructions from here.
Let me know what you think!

Blix Redux Released

I consider myself a remix designer, if you know what I mean, like musicians who take an old tune and makes it more catchy! Here’s Blix Redux, from the name it is quite obvious that the back end is “Blix” theme, colored and adopted to suit new blogging needs. And just like before, I used my wife’s painting as the header picture! We got some Search Engine Optimization tips from Etrix. Check it out.

Blix Redux : Test Run | Download

K2 Redux-Warhol Theme Released

I am pleased to announce the release of K2 Redux-Warhol theme. This customizable theme provides the options of black and white page colors using K2 backend and header picture from my wife’s paintings!

K2 Redux-Warhol Black : Test Run | Download

Long Awaited 3K2 Redux-Rothko Theme Released

I am pleased to announce the official release of a WP theme titled 3K2 Redux with Rothko flavor. This theme is a highly customized version of K2, clubbing 2 and 3-column options into one neat package. This is the second in the series of 4 (for the time being) flavors inspired by my wife’s paintings. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed coloring K2!

The theme will be supported at

Grab the theme from below and give it a try. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Download | Demo
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