Who is Stealing your Mojo? RSS Feed Scraping, Splogs and How to Fight them

ban splogsIf your site gets any traffic at all, chances are your RSS feed is scraped and misused by some one trying to score on SERP for the work you have toiled on. This very blog is constantly ripped by sploggers who have no regards to intellectual property rights or just plain simple dumb to realize they are stealing. Here are three sites where you can find the entire content of our blog scraped/ripped/stolen and posted as their own. Of course I did not link to them because I really don’t want you to visit them:

myblogmix.com (this m^*&*0 f$%*r even uses one of our themes on his splog!)

How do you stop them?
Jonathan Bailey, a security expert (Plagiarism Today) who also writes on Blog Herald, lists 6 steps to identify and fight content theft. We religiously followed the suggestions for months now (that post on BH was from last November), but none worked thus far. Google is yet to acknowledged our letters (used his cease and desist letter templates, which is a good source, thanks!). I even took solace in thinking maybe they have a backlog or that they will eventually write back, but nothing really happened.

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How to make easy money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense If Google ads makes you ogle, you sure are going the right way… use Google Adsense intuitively, if you feel a strong urge to click a particular ad, more than likely, others will.
Here are some quick tips that might do the trick!!Visibility of ad: Do not dump your ads right at the bottom of your website, unless you have a website where scrolling is not required.
Hot spots: left side of your page and the middle.
Best sizes:
336×280 large rectangle
160×600 wide skyscraper
300×250 inline rectangle
728 leaderboard
Contextual ads: Filter all the useless advertisements from Competitive Ad Filter link below the AdSense Setup tab using the …