WordPress Web Hosting Guide

As the economy and our markets turn for the worse, numerous entrepreneur are make their way to the blogosphere to cash in on the recession proof “do it yourself” world on eCommerce, they find free and useful tools that they otherwise would not care much about. WordPress is one such invaluable tool that can be used both for blogging as well as powering a full fledged business site. The popularity of WordPress is no doubt attracting many new users and has no doubt risen to the # 1 pick among new entrants and is posed to grow to be the undisputed leader shortly. With popularity comes the need for hosting to support this growing platform. That is where Webhosting Search’s …

Starting Your Local Web Design Business

Finding web design clients online has been a breeze for us, thanks to Google organic searches. Now we would like to also like to tap the local Richmond VA Web Design market for small businesses. So here are a few things we would do which you could do if you wanted to start up your own web designing company locally!

Volunteer web designing services to local, reputed organizations, high traffic businesses. It’s not easy to spend time giving away freebies, but patience pays. Try it and trust me you will gradually start establishing a nice network for yourself.
Advertise in all free spaces available, Craigslist.org, your city website, freelance designer websites. If you can afford to pay for …

Web Design or Blog Design

I get this question a lot; do you web design or blog design? and I say, is there a difference?

web designMost new site that I work on are built using free CMS like WordPress and Textpattern so they tend to have a bloggy feel to it, so I see where this question might arise from. But to me, a work done specifically to be published online, irrespective of the site being a blog, is considered “web design”, if it’s on the web and it involves designing, its web design.

With that said, there are many interpretation of what constitutes as web design. Not all web designs are created equal. …

We are a Richmond, VA based Web Design Company

richmond virginia usa courtesy WikiPediaWhy this sudden proclamation? Well, we have been in business for over a year now and we have had the pleasure of serving folks from across the globe, but ironically, none from Richmond VA, a.k.a ‘our backyard’ per say. The reason is simple, it’s a SEO thing.

If you opened Google and typed in “Web Design”, you will notice us on the very first page, yes, we do web design and we make it very obvious in almost every post of ours and each page. But we being in Richmond, VA is insignificant in the big picture, after all, we never really meet our clients in person, so why should our geographical …

Business Search Engine, Business Directory and Business Resources

As a novice in online business or blogging, it’s often difficult to get started. Visibility of a site is very important in terms of both search engine optimization and in terms of advertising. Advertising in multiple places could not only seem endlessly time-consuming and expensive, but out of reach for some. However, there is good news for beginners. Directory submission for business solutions… most of you might be familiar with it, but for those who are just beginning it’s the shortest and easiest way to market a product, a website, a blog site. There are numerous web directories and business directories. Now the question is: How would you choose a Business Directory, a Business Resource for your own company website?

Do …

MC Hammer Launches Video Site Dance Jam

Just when the Web 2.0 market was getting crowded with poorly conceptualized ideas (saturation? remember the tech balloon burst of 2001); MC Hammer (yep, the baggy pant one) is launching his own portal that would host only dance videos. His competition, YouTube!

Windows Vista Delivers Significant Energy Savings for Home, Business Users

Mac lovers, eat this!

vistaMicrosoft has partnered with Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and built into the latest version of Microsoft Windows (Vista), innovative energy-saving solutions, that can save customers about $50 each year for every desktop computer equipped with the new software.

On the contrary, the Board of Directors for Apple Inc “unanimously� opposed proposals calling for an elimination of toxic chemicals in Apple’s products, and a comprehensive take-back and recycling program.

Still think Apple is cool? Think again.

On the same note, here’s a poll question: What is important to you in a company/consumer product? Cost or environmental responsibility?

Comment or Poll.


Halliburton Plans Move to Dubai


Q) What do you do if you are the most corrupt corporation in America and more than likely not going to enjoy being protected by the Republicans following the 2008 election?

A) Move to the Middle-East. 

That’s right, at least that is what Halliburton is planning on doing. This move is as political as it is for business reasons, this corruption laden oil giants know how to protect their assets, after all, their most powerful advisor is working right from within the White House. Thanks Cheney for f***ing everyone!

Google Doesn’t Know How To Spend All Its Cash?

google Google Inc. is accumulating mounds of cash from operations, so how is it going to manage cashflows now?

At the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference, Eric Schmidt ruled out big mergers and acquisitions. Currently Google invests heavily in huge data centers and networks to expand the range and depth of its Web services. In 2006, Google purchased the most popular Video Sharing site YouTube for a whopping $1.65 billion. What’s left to invest in? If other big companies are going to Google, should Google bother to go to other companies? If yes, where?

Initially risks were taken and they paid off, …

NEW WEB 2.0 LAUNCH: The Evolution of Yellow Pages, MOJO PAGES is now live in action!


Our current featured project is MOJO PAGES.

All of you know YELLOW PAGES and many of you might be familiar with MOJO PAGES too!

Whether you´re searching for a good restaurant, car mechanic, dentist or other local businesses the video, pictures and written reviews from members of MojoPages can help guide you to the best. Now you can see what you are getting into without having to make endless calls!! Check it out guys, its coooooool!

If you want to register your local business, its time to do it NOW!

We congratulate John Carder, Rodney Rumford and the whole team on this new venture! Good Job!!!!