SEO Tip Open Comment Author URL in new Window

For good SEO, it is preferential to open your comment authors URI in a new page. Why you might ask? Google and other search engines track sites you visit, they can tell what that site contains (obviously), how long you stayed there and where you went next. The intended use of this information is to find if the sites you visited were relevant to your search keyword and/or if all the sites you visit are related. That could also work against you if your site get a lot of spammers commenting on it. Here’s how.

comment author url pupupLet’s say you get a comment on your site that look legit, so you want …

Free eBook: Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress

Caroline Middlebrook has published a free eBook about making money with niche sites powered by WordPress. The books discusses Google Adsense, WordPress plugins and tips on monetizing your site with relevant content. The eBook is a recommend read for new and old bloggers alike. Grab your copy from here.

Yahoo! Shortcuts Plugin Test Drive

Blogs about Yahoo! Shortcuts plugin is even muffling news about Movable Type OS. Is the plugin that good or is it a hype? To find out, I have activated a beta version of the plugin and thought I will give it a try. This post was one such test. To keep things simple, I decided to write about the plugin itself, what better way to check the magic out. Well, should I say I was disappointed, first the plugin made the whole process of editing a post slow, very slow to be accurate, the plugin itself reloads each time you save the post after a edit. Even more disappointing …

Why SEO Matters: a post on wpSnap about SEO Best Practices

I recently made a guest post on wpSnap regarding best practices to improve SERPs. It’s a good reminder of how we can improve and grow organic traffic by following some rather simple steps.

Here’s an excerpt:

Many sites built on WordPress use free themes that are more or less visually appealing but seldom optimized to help your site grow. With thousands of free themes out there, you would think it will be easy to find a theme that will do it all without some manual intervention, but that is not the case..

More on wpSnap - Best WordPress …

How to Update your Old Theme for WordPress 2.3: Tags

One frequent question from users of our old themes that upgraded to WordPress 2.3 is to do with tags and how to include them in the theme templates.

Tags are very useful for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially when it serves as a keyword to describe your post, while it is ridiculously simple to add these tags to your template, a walk through is warranted for those less familiar with manipulation WordPress theme templates.

So here we go.

Login to your WP Admin from
Click on Presentation
Click Theme Editor
Click Main Index Template (to add tags to the home page) or Click Single Post (if one exists to add …

Adii’s Mini-interview: Think You Know Me? Think Again

The Secret Power of Blogging book coverAdii has been publishing quite a few mini-interviews of some serious and some not so serious web developers/designers. To add flair to his popular interview series, he recently asked me to participate, and I did. I urge my readers to visit Adii’s site and read his mini-interviews, and while you are there, read my interview and let us know if you liked it (or not).

If you are serious about taking your blog to the next level, I recommend to you “The Secret Power of Blogging: How …

5 Blogging Mistakes I Make that you Should Avoid

captain obvious

I know a lot of people who write posts about how one should blog based on their personal experience, I get a lot of emails asking for pointers, so here’s a list I compiled that is the anti-advice or what I call “5 blogging mistakes I make that you should avoid”.

Be irrelevant: Over 50 percent of my visitors stop by for themes and support, another 35 percent make it here by clicking a link related to, you go it, themes or support, yet I write blogs on issues that bother me like George Bush, or our environment or our absolute disregard towards the value of human lives outside of America. Should …