WP Pro Reboot

My personal site WP Pro just underwent a CSS reboot, the design is still built on Blueprint CSS but with a better and more robust framework that will eventually made public. This framework follows the Blueprint CSS except it is highly customizable for WP and from with WP Admin. Check the redesign and let me know what you think.

The Superest is Super Fun

Here’s a super fun-tastic super hero super game. The Superest offers hours of entertainment as you follow the trails of superheros, their triumphs and eventual defeat by a new hero. The objective is not to determine who wins, because in this game, just like in politics, eventually everyone is defeated.

Anatomy of a Magazine Style Premium WordPress Theme - Part 1 “The Loop”

Let me say it for the millionth time “content is king” and we all know that, don’t we?

featured wordpress postsSince content is the most important part of a site, your WordPress powered theme must emphasis on its presentation. Most cookie cutter themes come with a post list that runs based on the time your posts were published, in other words a chronological list of posts irrespective of its importance. Let’s face it, not all posts are created equal. Some posts are special, some are important and then some not quite so. Why then should all posts get the same treatment?

Magazine styled themes do a fine job of addressing this by introducing the featured …

Yahoo! Shortcuts Plugin Test Drive

Blogs about Yahoo! Shortcuts plugin is even muffling news about Movable Type OS. Is the plugin that good or is it a hype? To find out, I have activated a beta version of the plugin and thought I will give it a try. This post was one such test. To keep things simple, I decided to write about the plugin itself, what better way to check the magic out. Well, should I say I was disappointed, first the plugin made the whole process of editing a post slow, very slow to be accurate, the plugin itself reloads each time you save the post after a edit. Even more disappointing …

Chavez’s Wall Clock Beats Internal Body Clock

Researchers say they have identified the chemical switch that controls the genetic mechanism regulating people’s internal body clocks. Coincidentally, President Hugo Chavez came up with an alternative way of regulating the internal body clocks of his citizens, i.e. by creating Venezuela’s own unique time zone by putting the clock back half-an-hour on a permanent basis and forcing the whole nation to rise early. Brilliant!

The First Year of IE7 Gone Bad

The IE7 development team thought it would make for good PR to pat themselves on the back. Turns out the readers are mostly frustrated users/designers trying to “fix” their otherwise (CSS) standards based work by means of IE hacks. Just skip the content of the blog and dive straight into the comments; that’s the fun part.

Ding Fries Are Done!

Here’s a song that will change forever the way you sing/hum “Carol of the Bells”, here’s the original lyrics on Wiki. Merry Christmas!