How To Get Free Stuff Online?

What if you found a $20 on a sidewalk? Would you be lucky to have found it or smart to have picked it? This example if from a book I am reading currently - “Lucky or Smart - Secrets to an Entrepreneurial Life” by Bo Peabody. We often get freebies we do not expect! if you were lucky, you would just have it coming to you without you making any effort of knowing the source at all.

However, if you are smart, there are various resources online where you can get free stuff, like gadgets. You may dismiss and block these pop-ups/websites that offer a free game console, free iPhone, free …

SEO Adsense Ready Advanced WordPress Theme: Black and White

Black & White is an advanced 3-column Google Adsense ready WordPress theme (re)designed and search engine optimized by MandarinMusing and Headsetoptions. The theme is based on work by David Herreman.

SEO Adsense Ready Advanced WordPress Theme Black and White

Black & White: Download WordPress Theme | Live Demo
There was bug in the header that migrated from our demo site where we tested this theme before release, sincere apologies! Thanks to David for pointing it out.
Thomas pointed out another bug, thanks!

Apologies to those who downloaded and got frustrated trying …

The Other Point of View – A Designers Opinion on Sponsored Themes

no bull shitI took the backseat for much of this debate that has been raging for a few weeks now, but it’s time for my response. At Headsetoptions, we are two designers with over 70 themes to our humble credit, some original, some modified and most ported from free CSS templates designed by our friends, and most of our themes created with the aid of sponsors. Why am I saying this, and why now? Well, today, there was a huge cry about “Sponsored Themes” on a popular download site and hoards of users and designers decided to jump on the “kill the designers” bandwagon …

How to make easy money with Google Adsense

Google Adsense If Google ads makes you ogle, you sure are going the right way… use Google Adsense intuitively, if you feel a strong urge to click a particular ad, more than likely, others will.
Here are some quick tips that might do the trick!!Visibility of ad: Do not dump your ads right at the bottom of your website, unless you have a website where scrolling is not required.
Hot spots: left side of your page and the middle.
Best sizes:
336×280 large rectangle
160×600 wide skyscraper
300×250 inline rectangle
728 leaderboard
Contextual ads: Filter all the useless advertisements from Competitive Ad Filter link below the AdSense Setup tab using the …