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“Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.” That’s GEICO’s famous tag line that every household in the United States is familiar with. Companies like GEICO and Progressive Auto Insurance have already established a brand name and have leveraged a huge market share. Does that necessarily mean that all of their customers are happy customers? Most first-time buyers are not fully aware of the potential problems and circumstances that they might face to be able to accurately evaluate their service provider. For example: Does the auto insurance company fight for you in case of a traffic ticket or an accident? You will never know what you have gotten into until you experience this yourself. Those who buy in haste without researching quotes and policies from other auto insurance companies usually do not bother to change their service provider even if they are not fully satisfied with their services. Savvy buyers however have a thorough understanding of their own needs, and will shop for the best rates available for the services and policies that are applicable to them. provides you instant access to some of the cheapest auto insurance quotes from reputable companies that offer some of the most affordable auto insurance rates in the United States. is an independent, Canadian company, that offers free online services to auto insurance shoppers in finding competitive auto insurance quotes from insurance agents and brokers of their participating intermediaries and auto insurance providers. Unlike some other websites providing instant free insurance quotes comparison that are too cluttered for the visitor to be able to navigate with ease, offers a clean, easy to navigate website that is fully functional and you can receive insurance quotes for you to carefully choose an auto insurance provider that will cover your insurance needs when you need it most.

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