New WordPress Theme Gaia

Gaia is an new free advanced WordPress theme built from a TextPattern template by the same name. It includes among other features full-function built-in “CSS editor” that allows user to tweak the design and graphics without touching any code. This theme has SEO friendly headings, optimized content flow order (such that no matter which side the sidebar is the main content is on top of a page source), Google Adsense styling, and more. This theme allows the user to customize the theme like a pro-webmaster without knowing a line of code. The theme requires no set up and can be used as is.

New WordPress Theme Gaia

This theme has all the innovative features that we offer with all our newer themes. The theme works with all versions of WordPress up to date including the latest version 2.6.2

The theme offers among other things the following features:

  • Touch free CSS editor helps customize the sites looks without touching any code.
  • Change background image from admin panel.
  • Able to change all major and some minor styling from the WordPress admin panel.
  • Google Adsense styled - allows the easy addition of your Google Adsense code in pre-styled files without worrying about breaking the theme- another feature to help new users.
  • Able to move content float from right to left, or center.
  • Zero set up, just add and activate and you are good to go.
  • Widget ready sidebars (3).
  • Search Engine Optimized, no need to worry about duplicate posts or rearranging title tags.
  • CSS3/XHTML validated.

Demo and Download

Test the theme by running a demo or grab a copy of the new free WordPress theme Gaia. This theme is free for personal use. Refer to the license section below before downloading if you plan on using it commercially. The theme has been tested and works with WordPress versions 2.0.x through 2.6.

Authors, License and Credits

The theme was originally conceived by Vladimir Agafonkin for TextPattern and was ported to WordPress by WP Pro Blog Design and will be fully supported here at HeadsetOptions. This effort was made possible by help from Video Converter Software and Locum Tenens.

The theme is released under a combined CC and GPL license. The CSS (stylesheet) and images are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, while the rest of the theme files are released under a GNU GPL License. What this means is, if you are to use this CSS/images to redesign, you are required to link back to the theme authors in the footer. You can make any changes to the php files any way you like. However, we prefer you leave the credits for the theme intact to help users find this theme easily. You are not allowed to redistribute this theme in part or whole. Contact us if you plan on using it commercially or if you have any special needs.

Free Support and Paid Customization

Like the other 100 or so themes from our team, this theme too is supported for free. Please go to our WordPress downloads and support page for WordPress themes support and tips.

For customization of themes or Web Design projects, visit

How to Get Free Stuff?

You may view, download and test run more of our free WordPress themes at

Please do spread the word if you like our themes, make a donation if you love it!

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  1. 1. ijob | October 19, 2008 #


    ISSUE 1

    I have recently added the theme and it doesn’t display links and pictures on the main page.

    However, it does display them when you click on and view the individual post.

    ISSUE 2

    My ‘About’ page is only displaying part of the page content.



  1. 2. web site templates | October 24, 2008 #

    wow! wonderful theme! Congrats
    I wish my blog was wordpress, but I converted to drupal almost two years ago. I cannot say I am happy though! WordPress is an industry standard!

  1. 3. WordPress Theme Gaia » WP Pro | July 11, 2009 #

    [...] (like or center, change the background image and much more without learning to code. Do visit the theme page, demo, download and use [...]

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