WordPress Stats are Both Impressive and Downright Scary

Two stats caught my attention this afternoon, according to Matt, WordPress page views apparently grew from 1.5 billion to 6.5 billion/month. That is billion with a B. At almost the same time, according to IBM’s X-Force 2008 Trend Statistics, WordPress, as a blog platform is the 9th most vulnerable application vendor. Go figure.

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  1. 1. Susan | August 19, 2008 #

    Impressive, but also expected. WordPress is definitely awesome, and I would put them ahead of Typepad any day.

  1. 2. Tom "make easy money online" Walsh | August 20, 2008 #

    Yay! Go WordPress. I too am a great admirer of wordpress, theres just so, so much you can do with it. Not liking the 9th most vunerable part though, but I can live with that.

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