How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Website is not the best domain name for our site, simply because it sounds more stereophonic than anything to do with web design. So why did we choose that? Well, because the primary intent for this site was not design. What you need to learn from this is think ahead of time, and base your domain name on the concept and content of your site.

So where do you start? First, find a good domain name and check it’s availability, then choosing a good web host provider to house your domain. And if you are not feeling too creative, consider how “headsetoptions” got it’s name.

Keep your websites name intuitive, simple, easy to spell and easy to remember. Avoid hyphens where possible, and the smaller the name, the better. Some people start off with their own name as the name of the site, I am not too sure if that is a great way of starting a site, unless you are Bill Gates or Steve Jobs! Nothing wrong with the idea, to each his own. But if you are a novice, it’s always better to experiment with something first before you want to highlight and publicize your own name loud on the world wide web. And not to forget the extension, a dot com, dot org, or dot net site has it’s own meaning and value, choose what is relevant to your own site.

The dumbest idea I’ve come across is when people copy popular site names with a spelling error! That’s the worst mistake one can make. Why you may ask? For one, you are attracting only those folks who can not spell, and two, you are relying entirely on the success of the original site who’s name you have borrowed!

Be creative, and find a name that matches your site and you or your company. Here are some more interesting tips to find domain name!

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  1. 1. Søgemaskineoptimering Rosenstand | June 21, 2008 #

    Personally I’m not so sure that domain name really matters that much!

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  1. 4. Anders Holm | November 1, 2009 #

    I agree with Thomas (ROSENSTAND)… I don’t think it matters much, perhaps only when people is browsing the sites from a list where the domain name maybe sounds to stereophonic…

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