Free Advanced WordPress Theme Unbound

Unbound is an full-function advanced WordPress theme with touch free “CSS” customization functionality built in. The theme has practically no set up time and works straight out of the box.

Advanced WordPress Theme Unbound

Just like our other free premium advanced WordPress themes, “Unbound” comes packed with all the great functions and features we offer for free, such as…

  • Theme edit options within WP Admin panel: Now you can edit like a pro without messing with codes.
  • Change the header image from the WP Admin panel.
  • Featured-regular posts highlights your important posts by placing it at the very top of the site.
  • Second level conditional menus.
  • Tabbed JavaScript sidebar widget saves web real estate.
  • Widget ready side and bottom bars styled to easily add Google Adsense.
  • Customizable comments block colors.
  • Search engine optimized.

Demo and Download

Give the theme a test flight by running the demo, then grab a copy of the advanced free WordPress theme Unbound. This theme is free for personal use, we urge you refer to the license section below before downloading if you plan on using it commercially or otherwise. The theme works with WordPress versions 2.0.x through 2.5.

Authors, License and Credits

The theme is a collaborative work of MandarinMusing WordPress Theme and Headsetoptions Web Design and based on a free template by Erwin Aligam of Style Shout. This effort was made possible with support by the makers of Diaphragm Pumps and Air Tools.

The theme is released under a combined CC and GPL license. The CSS (stylesheet) and images are released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License, while the rest of the theme files are released under a GNU GPL License. What this means is, if you are to use this CSS/images to redesign, you are required to link back to the theme authors in the footer. You can make any changes to the php files any way you like. However, we prefer you leave the credits for the theme intact to help users find this theme easily. You are not allowed to redistribute this theme in part or whole. Contact us if you plan on using it commercially or if you have any special needs.

Free Support and Paid Customization

Like the other 100 or so themes from our team, this theme too is supported for free. Please go to our WordPress downloads and support page for WordPress themes support and tips.

For customization of themes or web design projects, visit You may view, download and test run more of our Free WordPress themes at

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  1. 1. Ervin | April 23, 2008 #

    Nice theme, love the colour contras with header image.

  1. 2. jc | April 24, 2008 #

    the style.css file included in the download is empty other than the copyright info, making the theme useless right now. please fix.

  1. 3. hso | April 24, 2008 #

    @ jc

    Check style.php, thats where the styles are, it is set such that you can edit the style without knowing or touching CSS via the WP Admin panel.

  1. 4. wpSnap - Best WordPress Themes, Blogging Tips, Design Resources » Unbound | April 24, 2008 #

    [...] Links: Demo | Theme URI [...]

  1. 5. SE7EN | April 24, 2008 #

    Wow, thank you for such great theme!

  1. 6. daniel | April 25, 2008 #

    Your install document states that one should alter the ads.php file for the ad cluster at the top of the sidebar, but I don’t believe there is one included in the zip file.

    I’m wondering if you could make that available.

    ***Nevermind -just found “regularad.php” but you might want to change your installation doc.

    Also, FYI, the first zip of this theme I downloaded, named “” (I believe it came from one of the sites directly linked to you) was missing all the php and css files. If it’s in your control, you might want to check that.

    Other than that, thanks for a spectacular theme!

  1. 7. hso | April 25, 2008 #

    @ daniel

    Looks like you got the first copy of the theme from a spam site trying to screw you by providing a free theme and adding hidden advertisements, there are many of those out there.

    Thanks for pointing out the err in the install instructions, I will change it shortly.

  1. 8. giuseppe | April 27, 2008 #


    I’ve a problem with you beautiful theme. In the post’s page this code appears over the comments form. Thank you for help.

    Project-Id-Version: WordPress 2.5 Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: POT-Creation-Date: 2008-03-29 18:22+0200 PO-Revision-Date: 2008-04-02 08:23+0100 Last-Translator: Language-Team: Italian ( MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n != 1; X-Poedit-Language: Italian X-Poedit-Country: ITALY X-Poedit-SourceCharset: utf-8 X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e X-Poedit-Basepath: . X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: .

  1. 9. hso | April 27, 2008 #

    @ giuseppe

    The issue seem to step from a translation tag, I looked into the theme file and we have a tag that is set to change the text “Leave a Comment” when translated. For some reason it is not and changing it to Italian. teh simplest thing to do is open comments.php and look for this:

    <?php _e(”); if ( comments_open() ) : ?>
    <h3>Leave a Comments <a href=”#postComment” title=”leave a comment”> »</a></h3>
    <h4><a href=”<?php trackback_url(); ?>” rel=”trackback”>Trackback</a> | <?php comments_rss_link(‘RSS 2.0′); ?></h4>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Remove these lines:

    <?php _e(”); if ( comments_open() ) : ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Leaving only these two:

    <h3>Leave a Comments <a href=”#postComment” title=”leave a comment”> »</a></h3>
    <h4><a href=”<?php trackback_url(); ?>” rel=”trackback”>Trackback</a> | <?php comments_rss_link(‘RSS 2.0′); ?></h4>

    Then change the text from “Leave a Comments” (which by the way is wrong even in English - it should say Leave a Comment (singular)) to its equivalent in Italian. Let me know if it helps.

  1. 10. giuseppe | April 27, 2008 #

    ok, now it’s correct, many many thanx!!!

  1. 11. daniel | April 28, 2008 #

    We’re getting things up and running with Unbound (still have to set up a footer or content area graphic to endcap the content area), but I’ve run into a couple little things that I thought you might want to know about.

    The biggest one: if you only have one post, the background color/image for “content” does not reach the bottom of the content area.

    This wouldn’t be such an issue (once you create two blog posts the problem is solved) except that it does the same thing on static pages, and the lack of a background is extremely obvious there (see, click “info”).

    I’m wondering if it has something to do with the “paginate” div, as there is no “paginate” in the style sheet. That’s just a guess, and probably a pretty lame one, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

    Thanks again for a great theme.

  1. 12. hso | April 28, 2008 #

    @ daniel

    I see what is happening, you are using a new content-bg image which in reality is small enough (only 10px high) that it can be repeated. However the style is set not to repeat. Here’s what you do, open style.php and look for this:

    #content {
    float: left;
    width: 100%;
    background: #fff url(images/content-bg.jpg) no-repeat;

    Change that to:

    #content {
    float: left;
    width: 100%;
    background: #fff url(images/content-bg.jpg) repeat-y;

    Let me know how it works. BTW, you site looks awesome.

  1. 13. daniel | April 29, 2008 #

    @ hso

    Thanks for taking a look.

    Actually, you can see that the 10px back ground image is in fact set to repeat on the y (continues on down the page on “blog post” pages), but for some reason it stops short (often waaaay short) of the bottom of the content area on the “pages.” For the life of me I can’t figure out why. Loops? Paginate class? Entry class? Clear class? Something’s getting in the way, and I assume it’s something in page.php (but obviously I could be wrong).

    I thought maybe the Thickbox for the WPNG Calendar widget (great Google Calendar integration widget, btw) might be the culprit, but I removed it and there was no change, so it’s not that.

    After taking another look, I do notice now (duh) that the repeat chases the length of the page content (“info” page is really stubby, “listening page” goes further as there is more text, etc…). So the solution would be an element that somehow makes sure the “content” is as long as the number of widgets, etc… installed in your sidebars… or maybe placing the background element in one of the other content wrappers (I haven’t looked at the sidebar to content structure yet after noticing this)?

    The simple (but not quite so savvy) fix would be just loading the pages up with empty paragraphs to make sure they are as long as the sidebar.

    Thanks for the complements on the design.

  1. 14. daniel | April 29, 2008 #

    Sure enough…

    Adding the

    “background: #333 url(images/content-bg.gif) center repeat-y;”

    to the “content-outer” (instead of or in addition to the “content”) class is the solution.

    Now I’ve just got to get the bottom “end cap” on the content edge graphic and we’re good to go!

  1. 15. hso | April 29, 2008 #

    @ daniel

    The simplest way would be to add a div at the very bottom of header.php and close it as the very top of the footer.php. The div can be a id, class or nothing, such as:

    <div style=”background: #333 url(images/content-bg.gif) center repeat-y;”>

    and end it with


  1. 16. jim | May 12, 2008 #

    I’m trying to use unbound with a static home page and blog entries on a different page. The blog entry page works fine, but I wind up with two “home” pages in the menu. The pages themselves look okay, but can’t have two home pages.

    Thanks for the great looking theme.

  1. 17. hso | May 13, 2008 #

    @ jim

    You can open header.php (or Header within WP Admin) and find and delete this piece of code:

    <li class=”<?php if ( is_home() or is_archive() or is_single() or is_paged() or is_search() or (function_exists(‘is_tag’) and is_tag()) ) { ?>current_page_item<?php } else { ?>page_item<?php } ?>”><a href=”<?php echo get_settings(‘home’); ?>”>Home</a></li>

  1. 18. jim | May 17, 2008 #

    Tried deleting this using the editor in Admin panel (WP 2.5). I click on the Update button and everything seems to work, but the code doesn’t go away.

    What could that be?

  1. 19. hso | May 17, 2008 #

    @ jim

    The file permission might be set such that users can not edit it via the admin panel. You can either change file permission or edit it directly via FTP manager.

  1. 20. Geoff | May 19, 2008 #

    I’ve tried to change the font color of the header text in the three columns of the bottombar (both widget or code). I can’t seem to make it happen. I noticed the demo site leaves them too dark and almost unreadable too. Just want to make them the same light gray color as the text down there.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

    WP 2.5.1, Safari/Firefox, OS X


  1. 21. hso | May 19, 2008 #

    @ Geoff

    I am surprised I missed it! Here’s how you fix it:

    Open style.php (not .css)
    Look for #footer-wrapper
    At the very end of the styling for #footer-wrapper add #footer-wrapper h2 {color: #ffffff;}
    Change the color that we set from ffffff (white) to that of your choice using hex-code

    That should do it.

  1. 22. Geoff | May 20, 2008 #

    Like a charm - thanks. Quick follow up: Those three headings are a bit big & bold. I’d like to change them to h3 (with the sans serif font). Where would I go to find that bit of code so I can change the bottom bar h2′s to h3?

    If I’m not mistaken the widget headers in the side columns are h3, correct? Or are they just h2 with a different font?



  1. 23. hso | May 21, 2008 #

    @ Geoff

    By default, WordPress uses h2 in sidebar widgets, theme heading are also h2, but a different font.

    Since you are using widgets to populate the bottom widget section, you will not be able to change the heading from h2, however, you can change the style of that h2. Here’s how you do it:

    Open style.php (not .css)
    Add to the stylesheet the following
    #footer-wrapper h2
    color: #FFFFFF;
    font-size: 245%;
    font-weight: normal;
    letter-spacing: -2px;
    font-family: Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, Times, serif;

    Don’t forget to change the styles!

  1. 24. Geoff | May 21, 2008 #


  1. 25. Marc | Wissenswerkstatt | May 26, 2008 #


    there’s something wrong with the Zip-File. The included CSS-File is empty.

    It would be nice, if you can fix it. It seems to be a very nice theme. Thanks!

    Sorry, I’ve seen, that the styles are set in the style.php - I’m sad because in the browser appears only a naked, raw design… :-(

  1. 26. hso | May 27, 2008 #

    @ Marc | Wissenswerkstatt

    It is meant to be that way, the style.php contains dynamic styling based on user input via WP Admin panel. Ensure you have all 19 PHP files, 1 CSS file, 1 JPG image and 2 folders uploaded to your server.

  1. 27. Kelsey | May 28, 2008 #

    Hi hso,

    I’m getting the same issue as Marc | Wissenswerkstatt - it’s happening on both the Fresh and Studio themes.

    I’ve ensured that all files are uploaded.

    Checking in Firebug, it says for every element ‘this element has no style rules’ - despite having the link to style.php clearly in the code.

    Very weird.

    No other themes are affected, however these are the only two using anything other than a straight stylesheet.

  1. 28. hso | May 28, 2008 #

    @ Kelsey

    Weird indeed, I checked your site on both FF and IE 7.0.5730.13 and they seem to display just fine.

    Using Firebug I noticed a totally different error that was caused by a missing image called by the stylesheet. If possible, open style.php and look for this:

    #sidebar h2 {
    margin-top: 10px;
    padding: 15px 5px 10px 5px;
    font: normal 1.8em < ?php echo $fresh_other_font; ?>;
    background: url(images/footer-top.jpg) no-repeat center bottom;
    color: #< ?php echo $fresh_font_color; ?>;

    And delete the line

    background: url(images/footer-top.jpg) no-repeat center bottom;

  1. 29. jim | June 1, 2008 #


    Took me a while to figure it out, because it was getting hidden, but the Subpages additions end up underneath the search box, using the unbound menuing scheme. As designed right now, it appears that there’s room for about six menu items.

    Do you have a theme (or some code) to put the subpages underneath the main menu? When I read about the conditional subpages, I thought that’s what was in the theme.

    Greatly appreciate any help you can provide. I like the theme and have invested quite a bit of time getting graphics to match up with it.

  1. 30. hso | June 1, 2008 #

    @ jim

    So you have six menu and when the sub-page is called, it goes below the search bar?

  1. 31. jim | June 2, 2008 #

    behind. the search bar covers it.

    it would be like this. assume page 3 has subpages:

    home page menu:

    home page2 page3 page4 page5 page6 [search window]

    page 3 menu:

    home page2 page3 page4 page5 page6 sub[search window]

    since the menu is all on one line, it runs out of room.

  1. 32. hso | June 3, 2008 #

    @ jim

    You could temporarily move the search bar while we figure out a simple way to display the sub-pages without any hacks.

  1. 33. jim | June 4, 2008 #

    Thanks. I think it will be a useful feature of all your themes going forward.

    I’ll temporarily disable my sub-pages for now.

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  1. 35. Marco | June 13, 2008 #

    Hello i try to install this theme, but i can’t link the CSS (php file) or i miss some step in the instructions? Working with wordpress 2.5.1.

  1. 36. hso | June 13, 2008 #

    @ Marco

    Not quite sure if I understand, there is no set up required, all you do is upload the theme folder into wp-content/themes, login and activate the design. What are you trying to link?

  1. 37. j_king | June 27, 2008 #

    GPL + Creative Commons or your own license?

    GPL doesn’t put restrictions on commercial use, fyi. You might want to read up on that.

    Anyway, what does commercial mean anyway?

  1. 38. Dave | July 13, 2008 #

    I’m working on a website that I want to take live in a few days. It’s sort of a photo website with included text.

    I had it all set up the way I wanted it and had several days of testing done. I was trying to include images with just about every new post and the front page worked well. Then this morning I found something I don’t like.

    While trying to set up a category for my friend to start posting pictures to I realized that even with him selecting his category that this particular theme(Unbound) doesn’t call up for images while looking at post sorted by category…

    I tried the default theme and the images show while searching his category but when switching back to Unbound theme the images don’t show.

    On this link the top post is tagged ‘featured’ on the front page but when you click on it ‘featured’ goes to cat=24 but has no images showing. I need for the images to carry over.

    Is there a simple code I can insert to call up the images. Would that be in archives.php??

    I also noticed that your live theme demo does the same thing!! Any idea of modding this in the future??

    Any help would be appreciated!!

    Dave Budd

  1. 39. hso | July 15, 2008 #

    @ Dave

    This is a common settings issue. I set the archives and search results to show excerpts, not posts. This is done with the use of the WP tag

    <?php the_excerpt(‘Read more…’); ?>

    Open archive.php and search.php and find and replace this excerpt tag with this one, the content tag:

    <?php the_content(‘Read more…’); ?>

    This should show you the posts. As for the missing search results, I need to see it in action on your site with the theme active, I think the fix should take care of that too.

  1. 40. gembel | July 18, 2008 #

    biotiful bird n theme

  1. 41. Dave | July 19, 2008 #

    Thanks for the quick reply..

    Works like a charm now!!!


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  1. 43. Matt | July 30, 2008 #

    Hi, Unbound looks nice, but there are a few things that seem wrong. While I was checking your demo site I noticed that when you search under Categories or Archives, there is no Previous Page link at the bottom. Meaning that only a small number of pages are visible ( I noticed taht this isn’t the issue with the Tags option). Is this fixable? I would like to try Unbound but don’t want to spend time on it if those issues can’t be resolved. Thanks

  1. 44. hso | July 31, 2008 #

    @ Matt

    Please refer to this comment for instructions to add the previous and next links in single.php, archive.php and search.php files. Alternatively, refer to this Codex instruction.

  1. 45. Cliff | August 1, 2008 #


    This is a great theme! How do I remove the tabs from the sidebar? I tried commenting them out, but that completely messed up the entire sidebar and the widgets.

  1. 46. hso | August 1, 2008 #

    @ Cliff

    Open sideabr.php and look for this:

    <!- TABS ->
    <?php include(“tabs.php”); ?>

    Comment it out like this;

    <!- TABS ->
    <!- ?php include(“tabs.php”); ? ->

  1. 47. Cliff | August 1, 2008 #

    Thanks, but when I try that, the widgets end up at the bottom of the page.

  1. 48. 20 Free 3 Column WordPress Themes | Blogging Tips from Blogsessive | August 16, 2008 #

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  1. 49. MacTeP | August 16, 2008 #

    Very nice theme I will use it.
    Thanks a lot!

  1. 50. Veka | August 16, 2008 #

    I don’t understand what i need to do with style.css and style.php

    i uploaded ‘unbound’ in the theme directory like any other wordpress theme but when i activate it, no css information are loaded. The theme appear without color, images, structure…

    I use wordpress 2.6.1 (FR)

  1. 51. hso | August 16, 2008 #

    @ Veka

    Make sure your functions.php file is within the theme folder. The Play demo site is powered by 2.6.1 also. Send us the site URI so that I can check.

  1. 52. Veka | August 16, 2008 #

    functions.php is still in the theme folder.

    URL added in the “website” field.

    i want to understand my mistake :)

  1. 53. hso | August 16, 2008 #

    @ Veka

    Make sure your theme folder is named ‘unbound’ and not anything else. Also, try disabling any/all plugin you have active and check, I have noticed some plugins not working with 2.6.1.

  1. 54. Veka | August 17, 2008 #

    theme folder is named “unbound”.

    “fluency admin” and other plugins now desactivated.

    > No change.

    Maybe there is a problem because of the localized version of my installed WordPress.

    I tried to put the css of style.php in style.css. The header background appear but the problem is not really fixed, many other elements missing.

    I tried another theme from headsetoptions, Mint Idea. Same problem.

    What can i do to transform your themes in a traditionnal way ?

  1. 55. hso | August 17, 2008 #

    @ Veka

    Check your email, I sent you the traditional style.css and functions.php files for Unbound. Hope that fixes the issue.

  1. 56. hso | August 17, 2008 #

    @ Veka

    Also, check is you have Cache and Cookies cleared when switching between themes.

  1. 57. Veka | August 18, 2008 #

    Thank you for your time and email.

    Now, it works perfectly :)

  1. 58. hso | August 18, 2008 #

    @ Veka

    Looks good. One thing to note is to change the h3 in this section of style.css to h2:

    #footer-wrapper h3, #footer-wrapper p {
    padding-left : 0;
    #footer-wrapper h3 {
    font : normal 1.6em/1.6em ‘Trebuchet MS’, Tahoma, Arial, Sans-serif;
    color : #ababab;

    Make it

    #footer-wrapper h2, #footer-wrapper p {
    padding-left : 0;
    #footer-wrapper h2 {
    font : normal 1.6em/1.6em ‘Trebuchet MS’, Tahoma, Arial, Sans-serif;
    color : #ababab;

  1. 59. bart lewis | August 20, 2008 #


    I read the other comments regarding the ads.php info and the fix on the instructions page. However, I downloaded the theme yesterday and I’m seeing the instructions that say there’s an ads.php file. It’s not there.

    I do have a regularad.php and featuredad.php file. But neither of them control the main advertisement spot featuring 6 125×125 sponsors. I’d like to edit those spaces. Please help me understand what I’m not doing correctly.


  1. 60. bart lewis | August 20, 2008 #

    sorry. i should’ve placed this in my previous comment:

    How do I got about making the subpages function work out?

  1. 61. hso | August 21, 2008 #

    @ Bart Lewis

    The 6 square 125px ads are controlled from sponsor.php. Err in instruction corrected in new downloads.

    Subpages function? All you do is add subpages and it will show up in the menu when the parent page is visited. Is that not happening?

  1. 62. Bart Lewis | August 21, 2008 #

    Thanks for the response! I noticed the sponsor.php file later yesterday. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

    PAGES: I’m having some problems. First, I’ve got this weird page in my nav called “Text Messaging Banned.”

    SUBPAGES: When I click on a Parent page, I see the text to the right of the nav that says, “Subpages:” However, if they were to show, they’d be showing behind the SEARCH BOX. But they’re not showing up.

    I don’t write code very well. However, I understand where to place code and so forth if I just have the code. What if I put the subnav below the main nav. There looks to be room. Could you help me with the code?

    Bart Lewis

  1. 63. Unbound — Simple Themes | August 31, 2008 #

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  1. 64. erik | September 2, 2008 #

    Hi! I love this theme, but having the same problem as Veka. I have read through all the posts and
    followed each instruction…still no luck. Would it be possible to get the traditional css and function.php?


  1. 65. erik | September 2, 2008 #

    N/M. I was able to pull the files I needed from Veka’s site. Thanks and great work!

  1. 66. fabletechnologies | September 7, 2008 #

    Your install document states that one should alter the ads.php file for the ad cluster at the top of the sidebar, but I don’t believe there is one included in the zip file.

    I’m wondering if you could make that available.

    ***Nevermind –just found “regularad.php” but you might want to change your installation doc.

  1. 67. alessia | September 15, 2008 #

    Ciao! i’m sorry for my bad english, but i’m italian!

    Under the heading of Article I put the date and author, near us, I put two icons (16×16)
    these icons appear with me an gray border and not completely aligned vertically to the text.
    Please someone can help me create a new “class” (I hope the
    terms right) on the css file to manage these little icons (centering in relation to vertical
    text without the gray border) to put near some text fields?


    be possible to create a script that allows me to rotate header photos?

    thanx…. Alessia

  1. 68. hso | September 17, 2008 #

    @ Alessia

    I am not sure you are using this theme, because the icon or image should not have any border. Anyway, you can open style.php and add something like this:

    .icons img {
    border: none;
    margin: 0; padding: 0;

    Now add the following in front of the image link:

    <img class=”icons” src=”” />

    Hope it helps.

    Also, the script for rotating header can be found here.

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  1. 70. traci | October 22, 2008 #

    Looking for information on how to either add a tab for blog’s static pages, or switch out the tag cloud for this option instead.

    I tried figuring this out on my own, without much success. I did, however, manage to give myself several “holy crap!” moments, as I managed to make quite a mess of things in the process. Reloaded the original sidebar, and all is well again. Just need to make this small change and I am good to go.

    Any help is certainly appreciated. Great theme!

  1. 71. hso | October 23, 2008 #

    @ Traci

    The tabs for pages that you create will automatically show in the header. There is no need to manually include it. If you create sub-pages, they will be visibel when the parent page is selected.

    I am not sure I got the question n the tag cloud? Do you want to change the heading within the JavaScript tabber? If so, open tabs.php and look for the headers.

  1. 72. Kimberly @ allaboutkimberly | October 24, 2008 #

    I am trying to use this theme and so far I’m loving it, but I’m trying to do some customizations with my VERY LIMITED knowledge.

    Question 1 - How do I get the ad that says Traveling off of my site?

  1. 73. Kimberly @ allaboutkimberly | October 24, 2008 #

    Question 2 - Trying to fix the “ads”
    This is the line in sponsor.php
    <img class=”ml” src=”/images/sponsor.gif” alt=”" />

    I want it to have this image and URL

    How do I make that happen?

  1. 74. Kimberly @ allaboutkimberly | October 24, 2008 #

    Question 2 - Trying to modify the “ads”
    I’m in the sponsor.php but don’t really understand how to modify the code? Is there a help file somewhere?

    I want to use a photobucket img and link to a website?

  1. 75. Kimberly @ allaboutkimberly | October 24, 2008 #

    Question 2 won’t publish???

  1. 76. hso | October 25, 2008 #

    @ Kimberly

    I got the question though. Open sponsor.php an dlook for codes like the one below:

    <a href=”#” title=”sponsor1″><img class=”ml” src=”<?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/sponsor.gif” alt=”" /></a>

    replace the

    <?php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); ?>/images/sponsor.gif

    with the full URI of the image from Photobucket, which is usually provided as a direct link. next, add the linking URL to replave the #.
    So make


    into something like


    Hope that helps!
    Also, use the link below the comment form for SimpleCode to create and paste the code to comment to avoid the code being executed by the site you are commenting on.

  1. 77. Kimberly @ allaboutkimberly | October 26, 2008 #

    Yea…I think i got it to work and now that you’ve explained it, I feel so stupid…I can’t believer I didn’t recognize where that went. I totally tried to make it too difficult. Thank you so much. You are so great for helping us all out.

    I have another question…How do I get rid of the dog advertisement in the middle of my page?

  1. 78. Kimberly @ allaboutkimberly | October 26, 2008 #

    I found the page to edit so cancel the previous request. :) Still working on this…I’m sure I’ll have many more questions. thanks again.

  1. 79. Bookmarks about Bart | October 29, 2008 #

    [...] - bookmarked by 3 members originally found by Snoop221 on 2008-10-10 Comment on Free Advanced WordPress Theme Unbound by bart lewis - [...]

  1. 80. Mariano | October 29, 2008 #

    Hi I have the same problem that I quote below. As a solution I read you sent Veka an email with the solution. Can I have that too?
    Thanks very much in advance,
    (sorry for my english)


    I don’t understand what i need to do with style.css and style.php

    i uploaded ‘unbound’ in the theme directory like any other wordpress theme but when i activate it, no css information are loaded. The theme appear without color, images, structure…

    I use wordpress 2.6.1 (FR)

    50. hso | August 16, 2008 #

    @ Veka

    Make sure your functions.php file is within the theme folder. The Play demo site is powered by 2.6.1 also. Send us the site URI so that I can check.

  1. 81. Mariano | October 29, 2008 #

    I pasted the wrong url..
    heres the correct one


    thanks in advance

  1. 82. Mariano | October 29, 2008 #

    these is the right url..
    thanks in advance

  1. 83. mariano | October 29, 2008 #

    Hi, I posted wrong the url
    here´s the correct url so you can see my problem
    thenks in advance

  1. 84. mariano | October 29, 2008 #

    hi, I have the same problem than Veka
    ” 49. Veka | August 16, 2008 #

    I don’t understand what i need to do with style.css and style.php

    i uploaded ‘unbound’ in the theme directory like any other wordpress theme but when i activate it, no css information are loaded. The theme appear without color, images, structure…”

    I have followed all the posible sollutions, but nothing change.
    I also read that you sent Veka an email with a style.css file so she could fixed it.

    Coudl you please give a hand with this?
    thanks in advance I apreciate, Your theme rocks!


  1. 85. Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly | November 2, 2008 #

    I am working on my site again and I’d like to

    1. make the font on the sidebar titles smaller
    2. remove the lines between the different widgets and
    3. maybe make the spacing smaller…seems like they are awfully far apart

    If you could help me out again, I’d really appreciate it.


  1. 86. Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly | November 9, 2008 #

    Just wanted to stop by and tell you I just decorated unbound for the holidays…..thought you might like to see it. :)

  1. 87. Sue | November 10, 2008 #

    I love the theme unbound and I actually use it on one of my other blogs. This blog the header picture doesnt want to appear and the ads show up as x’s. I am not sure what I am suppose to do. The other site works wonderfully well. Thanks for your help.


  1. 88. Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly | November 10, 2008 #

    I am having a problem. I have changed the color of my comment box, but can’t figure out how to change the color of the font in the box. My box is dark green, but much of the words (
    Trackback | RSS 2.0
    no comments yet - be the first?)

    is black which makes it almost impossible to read. I’d love to change it to white.

    Thanks so much for your assistance.

  1. 89. Erik | December 5, 2008 #

    I’m having trouble finding what the width of the main column. It looks like 425 or 430 but I’m not sure. I have a 450px image that looks like it’s stretching things, which I don’t want; I’d rather have it right.

    It would also be nice to be able to put a 300×250 ad in the right column instead of a large number of 125×125 ads. I did this but the ad looks funny because the column is quite a bit wider (420px?) than the ad. How tricky would it be to change the width of that right column and still have one of the sub columns be 160px? I’m putting a 160×600 ad in the right-left column and navigation in the right-right.

    Great theme!

  1. 90. Erin | December 11, 2008 #

    Hi there -

    I love this theme - really clean and nicely organized.

    I do have one issue: the photos inserted into my post are pushing the text down to the bottom of the image. I have the photos set flush left, but the text is not wrapping properly.

    Any suggestions/ideas?


  1. 91. danny | December 14, 2008 #

    Hey, I just wanted to say, this is such a resourceful blog. Many of my questions have already been answered!

  1. 92. Kimberly | December 14, 2008 #

    I’d like to make the title fonts in the two right sidebars much smaller….could you offer my any assistance? I’d really appreciate it.


    Oh and @ Erin…I used instruction #3 on this page….added the code to style.php

  1. 93. Erik | January 29, 2009 #

    I just noticed that when viewing posts by category, you only get the set number of posts displayed and do not have the ability to see older entries or previous entries. The main index page has a “Previous Entries” link. Actually as far as I can tell the same holds true for tag views. Is it possible to put in some code so visitors can navigate using these links?

  1. 94. Guindilla | February 3, 2009 #


    The theme is beautiful, but I have a very weird problem:
    When I load the theme it works just fine… until I click any link. Then the blog appears with the default theme! The unbound theme works only the first time!

    I am using WordPress2.7, is there any incompatibility with it?


  1. 95. Sunny | February 6, 2009 #

    @ Guindilla

    I do no t believe the issue is with the Unbound theme, the demo above is on 2.7 and it work just fine.

  1. 96. Sunny | February 6, 2009 #

    @ Erik

    Open archive.php and search.php and find <?php endwhile; ?> and add the following right below it:

    <?php next_posts_link(‘← Previous Entries |’) ?> <?php previous_posts_link(‘| Next Entries →’) ?>

  1. 97. Jim | February 26, 2009 #

    Two questions.

    1. Subpages and menuing. Per your comment #32, did you ever fix this problem?

    2. Do you have any newer templates that are built using “unbound” as a basis? And do these have any new versions of code/html that might fix problems in “unbound”?


  1. 98. Via | March 11, 2009 #

    The theme is awesome, but I browsed the comment box in Safari browser looks weird.

    The comment box shift to right..

  1. 99. Sunny | March 22, 2009 #

    @ VIA

    Try now, let me know if still shifts.

  1. 100. WordPress Templates » BLOG INFOBISNIS2121.COM | April 16, 2009 #

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  1. 101. Erik | May 21, 2009 #

    Thanks Sunny. That didn’t work for me though. But that gave me something to search for, and I found this which does work perfectly:

  1. 102. Erik | May 21, 2009 #

    Sorry - the code didn’t work for me. Here’s the link:

  1. 103. Wordpress - ดาวน์โหลด Wordpress Theme 3 Columns (1/2) | August 21, 2009 #

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  1. 104. Christy | September 25, 2009 #

    How would I go about keeping tags from showing up under the posts? I would prefer only categories are listed. Thanks!

  1. 105. Christy | September 25, 2009 #

    Also, is there a way to allow for the background to be changed within the admin panel instead of uploading through the host site to the directory the theme currently points to for the background? Thanks!!

  1. 106. Christy | September 25, 2009 #

    I would like to be able to change the background in the WordPress admin panel. What code do I need to change to direct it to look at a specific graphic file I’ve uploaded via the WordPress admin panel?

  1. 107. 75 Free WordPress 3 Column Themes | December 17, 2009 #

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  1. 108. Ücretsiz WordPress 3 Sütun Temalar | Syncap.Org | January 12, 2010 #

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  1. 109. Ãœcretsiz WordPress 3 Sütun Temalar « Labs.Syncap.Org | January 20, 2010 #

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  1. 110. sainath | January 21, 2010 #

    It is a great theme. But it causing a problem in posts. You can check
    mentioned link. sidebar shifts down below the main content. tried everything . have no idea what to do. Plz give me some solution. as i want to put it online. Try to solve it as earliest. (

  1. 111. Rebecca | January 27, 2010 #

    Hi. I would like to remove all of the Adsense ads, but I can’t figure out how to do this. I’ve checked through all the settings and plugins. Is there any easy way to do this? Thank you.

  1. 112. Zach | February 10, 2010 #

    Hi there, trying to simply change the entire theme background color from white to black in style.php but can’t seem to find the right spot. Probably right in front of my face but trial and error hasn’t narrowed it down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. 113. Russ | February 15, 2010 #

    Beautiful theme! I installed it based on apparent ease for newby.

    Features list states “Header image can be changed from the Admin panel,” but I don’t see that.

    Perhaps it is dependent on the WP version? Using 2.8.6. Appreciate any help.


  1. 114. Claudia | April 27, 2010 #

    Sub-Pages: Are the sub-pages working accordingly for anyone. My understanding is that they are suppose to create a new menu underneath the main menu.

    <?php /* Creates a menu for pages beneath the level of the current page */

    I have not made any changes to the header.php file, so don't understand why it would not work in 2010 if it was an issue in 2008.

    Please help.

  1. 115. 20 Free 3 Column WordPress Themes « Pinoy Mix News | July 27, 2010 #

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  1. 116. Ajay | March 25, 2011 #

    This theme is great however I personally don’t like too wide right column. When I used this theme I change the right column width to 300px and stretched the left side width to fill the gap which all looks great.

  1. 117. Titulos Universidad | June 17, 2012 #

    Great theme! thanks for offering it!

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