Free eBook: Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with WordPress

Caroline Middlebrook has published a free eBook about making money with niche sites powered by WordPress. The books discusses Google Adsense, WordPress plugins and tips on monetizing your site with relevant content. The eBook is a recommend read for new and old bloggers alike. Grab your copy from here.

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  1. 1. James | March 20, 2008 #

    This is a great e-book.I only became successful at internet marketing when i realized it was futile to try to compete against the big boys.It’s imperative you find a product or service that that has very little competition.

  1. 2. Solvudar | March 28, 2008 #

    Indeed a great ebook for all newbies out there.

  1. 3. Marketing Articles | April 15, 2008 #

    Thanks for this free eBook. Now I have full guide to start making niche sites.

    I don’t think so. It’s better to expose ourselves to situation where competition is crucial in order to improve our ability and get more knowledge from what we experienced.


  1. 4. Newbie | May 4, 2008 #

    Thanks for this free eBook. Congrats…

  1. 5. Bogdan | May 11, 2008 #

    IMHO, the best way to earn money in a niche is to aim for the main keyword in the long run and tap each and every subniche on the way. But there’s more of big portal making here, than of infomarketing, and that’s not “make-money-fast” way of business :)

    BTW, nice ebook, thanks.

  1. 6. Ajith Edassery | June 4, 2008 #

    I have been a visitor to CB’s blogs, somehow didn’t read the eBook (misinterpreted the title) before I saw your post. Now I downloaded it and read, good stuff.


  1. 7. Joseph | June 13, 2008 #

    nice post, it was pleasure to read it, it was informative and usefull!

    also check out new free hosting site with no ads
    Thank you

  1. 8. Naijaecash | June 20, 2008 #

    Thanks for sharing this information. For a newbie, a how to guide is always helpful. Also, for an old blogger, there comes time when you need to compare what you are doing with what is known as best practice and judge by yourself whether you are on track. Cheers.

  1. 9. Free Ebooks | June 27, 2008 #

    I think that this free ebook is very helpful for newbies, but without practice it’s don’t giving success in search optimization.
    Much important is a understanding what you want & what your site can give to a surfers.

  1. 10. | June 29, 2008 #

    People often find it difficult to understand what a niche is, heres a quick example…

    1) Niche- water sports enthusiasts

    2) Sub niche- Water skiers

    3) Sub within sub niche - Obrien water skis

    Anybody searching for Obrien Warter Skis is at the end of the buying cycle and likely has their credit card in hand

  1. 11. Brian | June 29, 2008 #

    Excellent free ebook, thank you. It has convinced me to get wordpress and now this newb has a well written installation guide.

  1. 12. Pete Wilson | July 9, 2008 #

    Thanks Very much

  1. 13. Chkdsk | July 10, 2008 #

    This ebook is indeed a good guide for newbie, thanks for sharing.

  1. 14. Samuel Online | July 11, 2008 #

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  1. 15. wealth institute | July 16, 2008 #

    Thanks much for the eBook. It’s very informative and I really enjoyed the info on Adsense. Seems to me anyone with a blog should definitely be using this.

  1. 16. Michelle | July 19, 2008 #

    This is really cool. I was thinking about writing an e-book like this and selling it on the internet for a few bucks. This book has a lot of really great info in it, and its free. So if anyone is looking for some tips about this kind of stuff, check her stuff out!

  1. 17. Noclegi Ustka | July 23, 2008 #

    Right. It’s very informative and I really enjoyed the info on Adsense. Seems to me anyone with a blog should definitely be using this.
    Thanks much for the eBook.

  1. 18. Noclegi Ustka | July 24, 2008 #

    Thanks for this e-book.

  1. 19. Tim | August 9, 2008 #

    Thanks for directing me to Caroline. Great resources here too!

  1. 20. Niche | August 9, 2008 #

    Thanks for the link
    Niche selection is rather important when considering the next internet marketing campaign.

    Interestingly enough though I have had my greatest successes in off the cuff niches. Figures!

  1. 21. » Blog Archive » Day 2: Research & Reading | August 12, 2008 #

    [...] Comment on Free eBook: Develop Money-Making Niche Sites with … [...]

  1. 22. Free ebooks | August 14, 2008 #

    Nice link, love your blog. Bookmarked for further reading

  1. 23. Internet Marketing | August 15, 2008 #

    This was fantastic information. Thanks for the tips!

  1. 24. liberty health net wally | August 18, 2008 #

    Great free e-book thanks for the share! A must read for ayone!

  1. 25. Colleen W | August 20, 2008 #

    Thanks for the freebie!

    Definitely a recommended read for both newbies and seasoned professional bloggers!

  1. 26. Jim Rogers | September 2, 2008 #

    People can always learn new tips from reading ebooks like this.

  1. 27. hendri susanto | September 3, 2008 #

    I am going to try, thanks for your best information

  1. 28. John Serra | September 21, 2008 #

    It is a good ebook for beginners. I would also like to suggest the 30 Day Challenge @ for newbies. They teach you how to get started in niche marketing and give you a running start. The next step would be to join the immediate edge, by the very same people, Ed Dale and Dan Raine. In this site, @ they teach you the latest and greatest strategies and techniques to rise above the rest…

  1. 29. how to make fast money | October 14, 2008 #

    A sure sign of a good book is that you like it more the older you get.

  1. 30. Gordon | January 29, 2009 #

    WordPress is great for niche sites! It ranks high and gets indexed fast! Great!!

  1. 31. Volker Hartzsch | April 13, 2009 #

    Hi Caroline,

    Thumbs up for your blog but even more for your initiative.

    You are a perfect example for under-the-radar-success that people should take as an example to get started themselves.

    Here is what I can tell you after my years of running several successful business:

    1. Get the right mindset (You quit your job)
    2. Decide for ONE business model (If you don’t know how to decide, ask somebody like Caroline)
    3. Learn, Apply and Improve and you will create your own success.

    Take care,


  1. 32. Peluang | April 25, 2009 #

    What a valuable post your wrote here.
    The information very useful for me. Great thanks!

  1. 33. problogger 2u2c | April 27, 2009 #

    nice share…hope you can keep sharing.. i hope also can make money through it

  1. 34. Peluang usaha | June 6, 2009 #

    Thanks providing the link and free, i will study it.
    I am looking for this.

  1. 35. Jonathan | August 16, 2009 #

    Hi there, Great item. So much so in fact that I’d like to include it as a link in my new blog that I’m building to help people get out of debt. Would that be OK? Let me know. Thanks

  1. 36. internous | September 7, 2009 #

    nice share
    its very valuable for me :D
    thanks a lot

  1. 37. Davey | September 24, 2009 #

    Niche’s are harder to find. But I agree that you have to find one you like and work at it!

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