Matt takes over

no bullSo we are not trying to wait it out or anything like that, we are just as sick of it as y’all are so let’s get this thing done and over with. Today will not go down in history as the day WordPress died; in fact it’s the opposite. In my opinion, WordPress is the best open source CMS out there, and can remain that way if we all took the chill pill and got our acts together.

Talking about acts, here’s a confession to add for your weekend gossip, Mark and I have lived a dual life for the past 4 months on WordPress both as designers and as the moderator of, yes we were cleaning out the mess and doing the dirty job while Matt and Mark (Gosh) were busy smearing us with the tar of being the bad guys. But as Matt would thanklessly say, “no one asked us to do it”, we volunteered!

So why are we only coming out now? We do not seek attention, but this might be the best opportunity to bring to the attention of the WP communities some of the challenges we are facing today that must be addressed and could very well be prevented when Matt takes over the themes repository completely (as widely speculated) for whatever the reason. Think of this as the “Moderators” public service announcement. But before we go, I would like to clear the air and talk a little about why and how we got here in the first place.

How this rolling stone indeed gathered moss (a prelude)

It always appears to start with Mark (Gosh) getting pissed with sponsored themes, then Matt gets pissed, then the wannabes usually get cheap thrills out of kicking the themers when they are down. So Matt is planning on removing all the sponsored themes out of the official repository.

“Sponsored themes” are bad right?

At least that is what half the active WP community thinks. The other half think it’s a joke, or that they (Matt, Mark) are taking a hypocritical stance, and some even believe it’s a conspiracy brewed by Automattic to make a good faith jester to please Google. I personally made my stand a while ago, but it was widely misconstrued as a rebut by the sponsored theme designers (as a collective) against the rest, so before we get the same notion again, as I wrote in my earlier post, it is my opinion and I do not speak for anyone else.

Do I think sponsored themes are unethical?

Not all themes are created equal, so some themes are genuinely good, some are just rip-offs with new colors or imagery created just to make a quick buck. But since it’s hard to selectively discriminate, the whole theming community that have sponsors are considered unethical. Some designers stretched it a little too much, so it has come back to bite.

So what’s next?

If Matt wants to remove them (sponsored themes) from his site (yeah he owns, he is well within his rights, so stop whining, he is not telling you what you should write or have on your site, so why should you tell him how to run his.

So what happens to the designers?

It’s not the making of the sponsored themes, it’s having them on Matt’s site that bothers him. So if Theme Viewer will not host a sponsored theme, just take it elsewhere. If your themes are good, the users will find you irrespective of where you are hosted and get to it. You are still free to participate on Theme Viewer (or whatever the official site would be called) with non-sponsored themes. The real issues that are not talked about (in my opinion) are that of licensing (forcing GPL on designers), copyrights and ethics (or the lack of it). These issues are largely ignored and have plagued the WP community for a while now.

Just a brief history of our past on Theme Viewer (to benefit those that are new)

It started off with its (Theme Viewers) infamous rating system, this was pre-sponsors, and copyright violations were unheard off and there were only a handful of designers. Fame was the only prize at stake, and anytime there is anything at stake, there are loopholes that facilitate the flourishing of those who in Darwin’s world should rightfully be extinct. Some designers started down-rating others’ work, irresponsible comments were plastered all over the theme page, fake downloads were rampant and of course all of it happened with fake username and IP manipulation. How do we know? We were the ones on the receiving end most of the time so we vested our time and efforts to catch the culprits. Sadish Bala (now judging the Sandbox competition), Lisa-Sabin Wilson (writing the WordPress for Dummies book and sponsoring the same Sandbox competition), Jez (Julian Klewes- the guys with 30+ links in his themes), Everton Blair, are all classic examples of screw-ups dressed as designers, this list is almost endless so I wont bother. All of these individuals managed to benefit by exploiting the system to the fullest, and I mean it in a way that left most of us hurting! They are still out there and many revered for their efforts, their dark past is now overshadowed by the sponsored theme ruckus. And if you are wondering who fueled the sponsored theme issue? Yep, it’s the very loser bunch with a few exceptions like Sadish who himself provides sponsored themes.

After much persistence and persuasion, the rating system was shutdown.

Then the game changed

On opening the floodgates of registration in March this year, new designers quickly filled every crevice of the Theme Viewer making it, well… crowded. How crowded? Close to 5000 registrants in 4 months (more than doubling its size), of which less than 650 of those have contributed at least 1 theme (even I wonder what the other 4500 are up to). This new blood brought in new challenges. Words like spam, theme rip-off, copyright violation, sponsored theme, and even “bitching” made it to the main page of the most visited WordPress theme repository in the world. We all know what happened (or will happen) to sponsored themes, but it’s time we addressed the rest too.

So the “Real” issue is?

Close to 100 themes were removed in the past 3 months for copyright violations alone, a handful of users were down-graded to subscribers (as opposed to contributors) for repeat offense. One funny incident comes to my mind, allow me to indulge. A designer copied one of my themes and made numerous themes out of it and sold footer links to sponsors on DP, all she did was change the header images, rename the theme and call it a new theme. When Mark confronted her, she promised to add attribution credits (for the original template designer and us). She promptly ignored her promise and wrote to me (i.e. to the WP Moderator) saying that she has sorted it out with the designers and it’s OK for me to allow her to add her themes to the theme viewer. Of course, that never happened, so she posted an angry rant calling me unjust (and while you are there check the page source and view the CSS, it’s our Eathling theme without any attributes). That is the sorry state of our theming community today, and it’s people like her that hastened the sponsored theme debacle and rightfully so. Add to that the issues people like Jez, who in the name of non-sponsored themes included 30+ links to his site from each of his newer themes. So as a friend often pointed out, there is “greed”, but I want to add that it’s just not limited to sponsored theme designers. Copyright violations by and far remains the single largest unresolved issue.

What about licensing, should there be a rule?

No. The designer reserves the rights to decide how she/he releases their work. Automattic cannot enforce any restrictions on theme and plugin designers, they can reject the designer licensing and work, but they nonetheless have no say on how you decide to license it. Think about it, a change in licensing could very well determine the fate of all future work on WP. Say for example that all themes were released under GPL, can you prevent theme rip-offs and duplicates? Without protecting the attributions (of the designers) there is no motivation to create free products. If you don’t believe me, ask themers to remove all attribution links from their work and see how many non-sponsored designers will add their themes to Theme Viewer.


All of the aforementioned makes me want to believe that terms like ethics are loosely used in the WP community. When the sponsored theme issue was raised earlier this year, we requested moderators/admins from other popular WP sites to also address the issue of duplicates and rip-offs, and to our surprise, we got answers like “it’s a lot of work to sort them out”. So my question is, what happened to your fucking ethics? You are fine with removing sponsored themes (as it is voluntarily disclosed) but you will let knock-offs and copyright-violated theme have a free reign on your sites? Today, both and WLTC have listed and continue to list such themes. Not on theme viewer, at least not under our watch. And just so you know, both Mark and I have real careers and we take the fucking time out to address issues on Theme Viewer, upload permissions, removing duplicates, rip-offs, and stay late and answering support questions and creating new designs! So if you cannot do it because it’s a lot of work, hire someone to do it. Your incompetence is no excuse, and for shits sake stop playing the moral police. For once, put your money where you mouth is and do the right thing by cleaning up your own sites first.

My sincere advice (and no you don’t have to listen to me)

  1. Let’s put our differences aside. Go ahead and remove sponsored themes, while you are at it remove rip-offs, duplicates, themes with shitzillion links, themes by those who traditionally “played” the system, and those who do not bother leaving attribution links.
  2. Let’s start fresh. This time set rules, disclaimers and FAQs to help users as to what is OK and what is not, it’ll help both users and admins save time and effort.
  3. Hire moderators. If you can afford one, find free, fair and reliable moderators who will manage the site.
  4. This one is for the designers, don’t stop making themes, the success of WordPress is no doubt related to it’s ease of skinning, your creation is a contribution back to the community. If you benefit from making themes, so will the community as a whole.

In conclusion

Real changes require real planning and real commitment, we will have to wait and see if the recent changes will address any of it. Remember, WordPress is community built, so no need to make it personal or get upset, just put on your warring boots and brace the challenge.

For more on this, read Marks post.

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  1. 1. If I could walk on water, you’d complain I can’t swim at mandarin musing | July 14, 2007 #

    [...] For more on this, read hso’s post. [...]

  1. 2. Lorelle | July 14, 2007 #

    I’m with you on this one, though I would move the solutions UP to the top to make sure they were read before the rest of the post. These are wise and worthy points to consider. I hate rants without solutions, and yours are wise.

    Unfortunately (and it’s there always ONE), those who know about copyright infringements are only the ones copied, or like you guys, sitting in the lap of information.

    Is there a system set up for reporting copyright violations on WordPress Themes in the Viewer? A form? Do those who submit click AGREE to a form that explains copyrights and says that uploading their Theme is an agreement not to violate copyrights, et al babble?

    It’s not too much work, it just needs a plan of action and the folks to put that plan into action.

    Thank you both for all that you do. I know it’s a thankless job and I’ve done my best to help bring attention to the amazing work you’ve done, but you two have stayed way back in the shadows, as good volunteers tend to do. So thank you for coming forward.

  1. 3. hso | July 14, 2007 #

    @ Lorelle

    Thanks. We set a FAQ page and included instructions for users, we referred to it whenever we had new users requesting upload permissions (which we removed to avoid duplicate registrations and such).

    We also created a free email ID for those interested in writing to us. We really kept it on the down-low because the credibility of our work as moderators should not be tainted by our opinions elsewhere. Now we are out!

  1. 4. Scott | July 14, 2007 #

    Lisa is only a sponsor of the competition, meaning she has provided $500 for awards. She doesn’t have any input on the competition policies or procedures.

    I’ll look in to the other fellow mentioned.

  1. 5. that girl again | July 14, 2007 #

    Don’t expect the new official theme directory, whatever form it takes, to do any policing of code theft, copyright violation, or missing attributions whatsoever. Matt couldn’t care less about such things. He ripped off the Garland theme for even though the designer specifically asked them not to do so, and when the Drupal community cried foul just shrugged his shoulders and said ‘it’s GPL’.

    He believes all WP themes are GPL by default and therefore fair game for ripoff merchants, of whom I’m sure there will continue to be many.

  1. 6. hso | July 14, 2007 #

    @ that girl again

    The part that bothered most Drupal users and the Garland theme authors was that the theme was specifically designed in efforts to revamp that CMS, and days before its release (for Drupal as the default theme), it was already on If that was not bad enough, the 2nd author of that theme got no link love, even to this day. Although GPL is specifically used for freeware, it does implicitly warrant copy protection (as in the Garland theme for Stefan Nagtegaal).

    As for the licensing issues in general on WP, our current practice/proposal to provide CC licensing for images/CSS and GPL for the rest of the theme files (that traditionally include the .php files containing the GPL licensed WordPress tags) is rather straighforward. Such a structure would protect both the users and developers. It really is a commonsense approach where neither of the parties feel like they are being shafted. Why is it so difficult to acknowledge the fact that such dual licensing can be applicable in cases where multiple pieces of ware are packaged (as in a theme or a plugin)?

    I urge developers to make sure that there are no elements like the original Images or CSS/XHTML template that require other forms of licensing (like CC) before floating your themes out on the web with a GPL. Failure to do so could mean more trouble for the theme author than anyone else!

  1. 7. Mark | July 14, 2007 #

    @ that other girl

    Inspite of providing a list of copyrights violation, if a moderator does nothing, that clearly indicates that they don’t want to do anything. So, yeah, I have no expectations from the new official theme directory. I know we got to fight our own battle and those who run the show don’t care much.

    It’s like YouTube’s videos. They would never worry about copyrights violation until reputed companies made antitrust allegations against them.

  1. 8. Stefson | July 15, 2007 #

    Such drama. It’s a shame. The themes directory was starting to look decent.

  1. 9. iftikhar ahmed | July 15, 2007 #

    need information

  1. 10. Lisa | July 15, 2007 #

    I’ll even provide the tar and feathers. :)

    Yep, it was a pretty dumb thing to do, at the time.

    Done in response to the obvious manipulation that was going on at the themes site - rampant manipulation that was obvious to everyone there and went unmoderated for quite some time, and frustrating for legitimate theme designers.

    I, and one or two folks who share this same network, ‘up’ rated my themes a few times to make up for the obvious folks who were downrating them in order to up their own theme exposure…then did downrate a few themes that I thought were the biggest culprits and source of frustration.

    I did it. I exploited an already very weak system where no one was, seemingly, listening.

    Did I get frustrated? You bet, I did.

    Was my response appropriate? Not at all - which is why my involvement at the themes site was pretty brief, because I realized it was counter productive and really super ridiculous. It is worth noting that I sent a request, way back then (October-ish?), voicing my frustrations and asking for my themes to be removed and account deactivated and recieved no subsequent response to that request. My themes are still there, and account still active, so on some level, there must be some worth in having me on the Themes site, or the moderators were just too busy to appropriately deal with me (and the vast number of other violators) - aside from calling me out as unethical in a blog post almost a year after the fact.

    After the fact, I loaded my themes on my own domain and now manage/update them there.. stopping at the Theme Site only very occassionaly to leave a comment to update current users of my themes on any changes I’ve made and where they can obtain it.

    It’s a mistake that I’ve never really addressed - - because no one ever asked me to and considering the rampant manipulations going on during that time, figured my relatively few entries were a needle in a haystack.

    Couldn’t have been more wrong on that one, hey? It was a mistake and I was wrong and hopefully, someday, the gods will smile upon me and give me a break :)

    Ever make a mistake that you’ve regretted? Yea, me too.

    I do understand your ‘unethical’ tag and will forever walk around with a ‘Scarlet U’ on my shirt because of it - and won’t fault you for it - - but know in my heart that my intentions weren’t unethical, just very frustrated intentions and misguided actions on watching the theme site going down the toilet.

    My themes are original. I worked hard on them, and continue to work towards improving them, because I really do get a kick out of people thinking the themes are cool enough to want to use. That’s where I’m at now - and where I should have been the whole time.

    In the grand scheme of things, it’s a non-issue to me at this point. It looks as if the Theme Viewer is slated for some future improvments in the way it’s run and maintained, and that is the best possible thing that could come out of the drama. The Theme Viewer is a great resource for WP users, as well as a fantastic outlet for designers.

    Personally, I can only now concentrate my efforts in positive ways - which is what I have been doing, and continue to do.

    There’s my big confession, thanks for asking.

  1. 11. Kissing Bandit | July 15, 2007 #

    Wow, Lisa. That was an unnecessarily long-winded apology. A simple “I did wrong and I’m sorry” would have sufficed.

    Guilty conscience, perhaps?

    Quite frankly, although your decision to manipulate the rankings and then subsequently lie (with a smart-ass bent) about it was unethical. Just because it was misguided and wrong doesn’t mean it wasn’t unethical, so walk about with that Scarlet U and wear it proudly. Good luck with your positive changes.

    I’d like to say I’m proud of you and am glad you learned your lesson, but quite frankly, I don’t believe for one second that you would have “been sorry” if you hadn’t been called out for it. (And I’m basing that on the fact that when you were called out for it the first time, you lied about it in your suspiciously “top rated” answer to the Yahoo! Answers question.)

    Moving right along, hso (pardon me for not knowing your name), you deserve a standing ovation for this post.

    It was clear, level-headed, and spot on. Now, if only the “holier than thou” crew running Automattic could be just as objective and truly take “the high ground”.

  1. 12. Stefson | July 15, 2007 #

    Big confession Lisa :)

    Just took a look at your site, you have some really nice themes. You’re right on that, keep your focus on that.

    btw, I’ve send you an email through your contact form, could you check it pls?

  1. 13. Kissing Bandit | July 15, 2007 #

    P.S. Jez really needs to take his head out of his ass if he truly thinks cramming 30+ links to his own site is any better than the worst of the sponsored theme designers who place 3 or 4 links in there. That’s just disgusting.

  1. 14. Stefson | July 15, 2007 #

    HSO is right when he suggests that they should just start over with clear rules and regulations. And decent moderation wouldn’t hurt either.

  1. 15. Lisa | July 15, 2007 #

    @Kising Bandit - it was rather long-winded, eh? I tend to be. Guily conscience? Well, of course.. isn’t that why people make apologies/confessions to begin with?

    I didn’t argue that it wasn’t unethical - - and my yahoo answers were correct, there were other people in my home, on the same network IP who voted on a few ratings - - actually more than I did (mine really reflect maybe two of them).. but the truth is, none of that matters - nor would anyone truly believe it (it’s far better to believe the juicier stuff), so there you have it.

    What you believe about me actually ‘being sorry’ doesn’t really matter here. I have taken my Scarlet U and gone home and stopped my active participation at the site for several, several months now.

    The really positive thing are the improvements being made at the Theme Viewer site in the near future - which benefits the community of users and designers the most.

    @Stefson - thank you. I’ll check my email and get back to you on it, thanks!

  1. 16. Mark | July 15, 2007 #

    @ Lisa

    1. It wasn’t dumb, it was mean on your part to do what you did, especially when you downrated those who NEVER downrated you.

    Like you, there were many others who
    downrated “select” themes which were either popular, or which had the potential for high downloads, and Jez (alias Domingo) is one of them.

    We know this best because OUR themes suffered most. You guys were after our lives like a maniac.

    “Nice theme, but not my choice of colors”, that’s the kind of lame comments which were used to downrate our themes.

    2. The purpose of downrating by non-sponsored designers is clearly the fear of competition and chronic crab mentality. Allegations of calling others’ unethical only exposes that fear a little louder.

    3. Of course it is a non-issue for you because you got away easy although you harmed others, thanks to both Matt and Mark, who conveniently forgave you even before you confessed.

    4. Lastly, if you were truly sorry, you would not try to justify your wrongs.

  1. 17. Mark | July 15, 2007 #

    @ Lisa

    If your answers are correct, does that mean your family (Chris, Jeanette) also suffer from crab mentality like you, because you/they not only self-rated 5-stars, but downrated good themes with lower stars.

    If you have any shame, don’t come back with any more lies. The more you speak the more it exposes you.

  1. 18. Small Potato | July 15, 2007 #

    Hi hso,

    Thank you for make this post. It’s a real good eye opener.

  1. 19. hso | July 15, 2007 #

    @ Lisa

    I’ve been moderating for the past 4-5 months, nonetheless I figured out all those who were downrating our themes even before the rating system was removed.

  1. 20. hso | July 15, 2007 #

    @ Small Potato

    I commend your post on this issue too! Thank you.

  1. 21. Small Potato Is A Douchebag! » WPDesigner | July 15, 2007 #

    [...] Matt takes over [...]

  1. 22. Lisa | July 15, 2007 #

    Mark - you are correct, it was a crab mentality.. as stated, I was frustrated (crabby?) and do regret the way it was handled, for the few entries made by me, and on my behalf. I’m not sure what else I can say about it at this point. I was advised by a few not to say anything and just let it ride, but felt I needed/wanted to after all the time that’s passed since then.

    You’re angry and that is valid - I have no argument to make there at all. I don’t even have a problem with being the ‘whipping boy’ for all of the rampant manipulations that went on way before and way after my brief involvement there. It comes with the territory of the mistake I made.

    A word about Mark and Matt, if I may - - I don’t believe anyone ‘conveniently forgave’ me before this thread - - I’ve not held discussion with a single person on the matter prior to this. As stated, I walked away from active involvement at the Theme Viewer site last fall, due to my own frustrations and ridiculousness of the matter. I have no way of knowing what folks like Matt and Mark feel, one way or the other. I can only imagine they’d shake their head and say “fool”. I think that’s probably what I’d do, in their shoes.

    I regret it and am not quite sure what else I can say or do about it at this point - except to apologize to those involved, take away the lesson of it and move on. I don’t, however, regret making my post about it here - so thank you for allowing me the opportunity, I’ll not take up any more room here on it.

  1. 23. Jenny | July 16, 2007 #

    I honestly think it should just be dropped and forgotten. Let people do whatever the hell they wanna. It’s the internet. You can’t stop them.

  1. 24. hso | July 16, 2007 #

    @ Lisa

    We understand and hold no grudges.

    @ Jenny

    I see no issue with a site setting some base rules to play the game with. It’s a community site, that does not give anyone the open permission to abuse it.

  1. 25. Opening A Dirty Can Of Worms | July 16, 2007 #

    [...] Matt takes over [...]

  1. 26. Guerra ai temi sponsorizzati nel mondo Wordpress | July 17, 2007 #

    [...] Su HeadsetOptions trovate un resoconto completo della storia, con i retroscena di Theme Viewer, da cui sono stati cancellati oltre 100 temi negli ultimi tre mesi per violazione di copyright; per capire l’entità del fenomeno, da quando fu aperta la possibilità di registrarsi sul sito, ci furono 5000 registrazioni in quattro mesi, in pratica un raddoppio degli utenti. [...]

  1. 27. Scott | July 17, 2007 #

    Sadish was graceful enough to resign from judging in the SDC when the issue was raised, so controversey averted. :)

  1. 28. hso | July 17, 2007 #

    @ Scott,

    This episode has not been pleasant at all.

    We do not intend nor get entertained by causing others’ grief/embarassment, we were compelled to say this only because we were pushed to a corner. We hope everyone would put all of this in the back, and move forward “united”.

    I hope this will not in any way undermine Sadish’s capability as a designer, and the fact that he reported ripoffs long before anyone else did.

    I implore all of you to refrain from making a big deal out of it, as we all make mistakes.

  1. 29. Scott | July 18, 2007 #


    The WP community is actually pretty small, so I can understand your apprehension. This sponsored links business has been generating a lot of ‘discussion’ for well into a few months now. I don’t have any hard feelings for anyone involved, and Sadish handled the situation very gracefully.

    Hopefully in two weeks time the community can get chatting about some of the new designs from the SDC, rejuvenate things, you know. So that’s why it’s important for the SDC to be ‘non political’ in these political times.

    Thankfully (and only by coincidence) the SDC can totally avoid this issue, since it’s CSS-only. Whew!

  1. 30. Me No Likey This | July 21, 2007 #

    [...] I know it sounds like I have a vendetta against Matt. I can honestly say that on a personal level I don’t. I don’t know Matt outside of the blogosphere. I don’t read Matt’s blog on a regular basis and what little I have read does not tell me much about the person. I’m sure he’s a great guy who buys homeless people food and teaches orphans to read in his spare time. That doesn’t negate the fact that, professionally, I feel that his actions to date regarding the sponsored themes issue are doing more to hurt the WordPress community than help it. I do not like it when people use subterfuge and misdirection to sacrifice a whole group of people in order to appease their God (this one too). Nor do I like it when they toss people into the fire pit as soon as they have served their purpose. [...]

  1. 31. archGFX | The State of the Word | July 27, 2007 #

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