Google Page Rank Update: Still Dancing

Page RankThe buzz about Google Page Rank update has been ongoing for a while now, I was wondering why my website was left out! And so, to our pleasant surprise, two days ago, our Page Rank jumped to 7! For someone who does not need a reason to celebrate, this was a great reason to do so!

Well, it came with a catch. We are back to 6, where we were, at least on our browsers! Though the Live Page Rank Checker shows 7 on at least half the Google datacenters. Hmm, the suspense is still on, but it’s all good! When I look back, this seems to have been such a wonderful journey. When I made my first WordPress theme, I never thought this is where I would be after 9 months, so busy with so many projects that I wouldn’t have any time left for blogging or even updating my own site!

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  1. 1. Nelson | April 30, 2007 #

    Dig PR :?

  1. 2. Mos.Cow | April 30, 2007 #


  1. 3. latest news | May 5, 2007 #

    This time google change the alogritham , I think now google also search paid links and give some disadvantage? to buyers or sellers

  1. 4. southall | October 27, 2007 #

    After initially expecting an update at the end of July like everyone else, my website was finally updated today.

  1. 5. hso | October 27, 2007 #

    @ southall

    There is a big algorithm update going on right now. Your site probably got out of the Google Sandbox just in time. Considering your site is only 7 months old, it’s pretty good.

  1. 6. Server | September 6, 2008 #

    when comes new pageranking from google?

  1. 7. Webhosting | September 8, 2008 #

    Live Page Rank Checker is damaged

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