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Have you ever bumped into a banker trying to sell you free checking accounts?

A guy called George Carter recently walked into the University Memorial Center at the University of Colorado and introduced himself as the head of some bank, and offered all the students free checking accounts that would be a great help to them. . He trashed all their current banks, and claimed that their bank did not have any hidden fees associated with it’s checking account. While everyone waited for him to finish, he went on about the merits of his free checking accounts and finally handed out business cards to everyone as everyone stared at him. No one wanted to take the card and no one wanted to open up a checking account at that point.

Ironically, later that day, one of the student ran into an advertisement that read “Free Business Card Printing” and he laughed at the coincidence as he remembered the bank associate and wondered if he needed any business card printing any time soon.

I guess these associates do not get any commissions. I hope their salary is really high!!

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