Idyllic: New Widget Ready WordPress Theme Released

Idyllic is a new and colorful theme with a flair of art! WordPress theme by MandarinMusing, based on work by Ian Smith, this theme is sure to catch the attention of one and all.

Here’s are some useful links: Test Run | Download

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  1. 1. milo | March 17, 2007 #

    Nice nice, you’re going the arty way now?

  1. 2. headsetop | March 17, 2007 #

    @ milo

    Whatever fancies our users :-)

  1. 3. Ian Smith | June 14, 2007 #

    I’d like to request a link and credit change… I was the one who designed this template :)

    However, Thanks to those responsible for converting it to wordpress!

  1. 4. hso | June 14, 2007 #

    @ Ian Smith

    Credit change in place, a link back to your new site also!

  1. 5. Lawrence | July 1, 2007 #

    Thanks for the theme! Just what I’ve been searching for.

  1. 6. Lawrence | July 1, 2007 #

    How do I code this to restrict it to showing only 2 posts on the home page?

  1. 7. hso | July 1, 2007 #

    @ Lawrence

    Two ways, first is the easy one, go to WP Admin > Options > Reading and set the number of posts to display to 2. This however will limit all post listing (like search results, archives etc).

    The second is to add a query to limit the number of posts, one example to build from is the multiple loop option is WP Codex. In the example, the user is limiting the number of posts to 10 by using showposts=10

    You need to use that query without the category_name=special_cat& part and use showposts=2

    Hope it helps.

  1. 8. Lawrence | August 11, 2007 #

    Me again! Thanks for the tip about the posts. I have one question: I cannot get Google to find the Google Analytics code and am not getting tracked. I’ve tried everywhere -including the closing body tag, which is in the footer. Help! Thanks. Lawrence
    PS It’s a great theme - and I’ve had very favourable comments. Thanks.

  1. 9. hso | August 11, 2007 #

    @ Lawrence

    Shouldn’t you add a line code in your header (not the urchin tracker) for Google to ID your site first? Did you do that?

  1. 10. Lawrence | August 11, 2007 #

    I need you to explain that, hso. The short answer is no, the longer one is that I don’t understand what you mean (LOL). Thanks for replying.

  1. 11. hso | August 11, 2007 #

    @ Lawrence

    Maybe I was a little confused there myself :-)

    I noticed you have the urchin pasted in multiple locations on your site, first remove all lof it and then follow this instructions:

    1. Open footer.php (or Footer in your WP Admin panel)
    2. Copy-paste the urchin Java right above this:


    3. Save the file and return back to Google
    4. Click done

    That should do it, it takes a few minutes before it start trscking your site. Let me know if it works!

  1. 12. Lawrence | August 14, 2007 #

    I’ve done it but still keep getting the “tracking not installed” message. This is what has happened ever since I tried to install it.

  1. 13. hso | August 14, 2007 #

    @ Lawrence

    You have the urchin in the right place, but you also have it pasted in three other locations (in the header.php file). You should edit your header file to remove the first three instances and try tracking.

  1. 14. Lawrence | August 15, 2007 #

    Sigh! Still no go. Google just isn’t finding it. Any further suggestions? Thanks for bearing with me!

  1. 15. hso | August 15, 2007 #

    @ Lawrence

    Your urchin tracker code is incomplete, there usually is numeric code in place of the X’s like below

    _uacct = “UA-XXXXXXX-X”;

  1. 16. Lawrence | August 18, 2007 #

    I eventually sorted it by using IE (rather than Firefox) to generate the code,a nd got the correct alaphanumeric code. Installed and working! Many thanks for your help.

  1. 17. Jean Edwards | August 20, 2007 #

    Hey what a beautiful theme!! Many thanks - been looking for something colourful yet pleasing on they eye!!

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