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I recently redesigned this site to give it a fresh and clean look. The concept was to use minimal colors and focus on blue and pink. The front page will have one to three posts (apologies to my friends who actually read my blog), but I have a page just for them (Socio-political Blog). Please feel free to let me know if you like it. If enough interest is generated, I might package it nicely and release for other WP users to download for free! Show your love (or not) by commenting.

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  1. 1. JMcClure | October 7, 2006 #

    I like the structure/format of your site. I think your color selection could be improved on to liven it up a tad bit. Present choices blend together and is hard to read. More color contrast would be beneficial.

  1. 2. hso | October 8, 2006 #


    With October being Brest Cancer Awareness month, I decided to go pink, I will eventually make it brighter. Thanks for your suggestion.

  1. 3. Gregg Luhring | October 8, 2006 #

    I love it. Is it available for public use? For sale? Of course we would customize graphics to fit our image. The layout & features are great.

    Do you have anything similar?

  1. 4. hso | October 8, 2006 #

    @ Gregg

    Thanks, it is not released for public use, but if you want I could customize this with your images for a fee. Email me at headsetop@yahoo.com if interested.

  1. 5. Markus | October 18, 2006 #

    I also would like to use this theme for my site. I like the 3column-, left-aligned-design.
    Please tell me, if it´s posible to get it for private use

  1. 6. hso | October 18, 2006 #

    @ Markus

    At this point I am hoping to get some commercial use out of it, I will eventually release it for free downloads.

  1. 7. Janna | October 22, 2006 #

    Looks great! I like the simple look of your sites-I just downloaded your Orange for my blog. I’m new to this and have a question: I’m wondering if there’s a way to have a list of categories in the right sidebar of Orange. Also, if I don’t have a Flickr account, is there something else I can put in its place (e.g. I use shutterfly-can I make that work?) I’m a tech-dummy but otherwise a quick study. Any advice would be appreciated.

  1. 8. hso | October 22, 2006 #

    @ Janna

    I had this request earlier, the link below has the code:


    Copy and replace the code in your sidebar.php file with this code.

    As for the Flickr, you can not have your shutterfly images streamed into the sidebar using the existing code, sorry.

  1. 9. Janna | October 26, 2006 #

    Thanks so much! Looks and works great! I’ve received many compliments on your template.

  1. 10. Rene | October 29, 2006 #

    Love this new theme! Great work! Would love to use it if you ever release it to the public!

  1. 11. JK | November 11, 2006 #

    I like the structure/format of this Simplify theme and color scheme and icons in the 3 K2 Redux klein theme (with a flatter banner though). Also like the larger font size for each entry, the tag cloud for categories and archives, etc.

    Would love to use a combination of these two themes.

  1. 12. Sean | December 19, 2006 #

    Looks great. Is this theme also K2-based?

  1. 13. hso | December 20, 2006 #

    @ Sean

    No, it is something I hacked using various themes, I am thinking of releasing it soon.

  1. 14. Stella | March 22, 2007 #

    This is simply amazing! I wish you would release it!

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