Autumn Theme Released

Announcing the release of a new WordPress Theme titled Autumn, based on a design by James Koster.

The theme celebrates the season and is very warm, here are some useful links to test and download the theme.

Test Run | Download

Note: On popular demand, I have included a centered version of this theme in the form of an alternative stylesheet, there are no changes to any other files, just the CSS. Download the stylesheet from there and use it in place of the original sheet if you prefer centered themes. Get the autumn.css sheet from here, rename to “style.css”.
Just for those who changed the stylesheet without saving the original, get the original unchanged stylesheet here. Again, rename to “style.css”.

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  1. 1. neil | September 24, 2006 #

    Great theme!
    Just a few questions…
    1. Some of my pictures in posts are displaying outside of the post box. How does this happen?
    2. Probably obvious but how do I make my site title clickable to return to the home page?
    3. I am having some trouble to display Meta correctly in the sidebar. Do you have any tips?

    Keep up the great work!


  1. 2. hso | September 24, 2006 #

    @ neil

    1) Check the picture size, I would keep it under 400px wide.
    2) It does, I just checked your site, when I click on you title “” it takes me to the home page.
    3) Can you be more specific, I see your meta and they appear correct!

  1. 3. Danielle | November 8, 2006 #

    First of all, I am IN LOVE with this theme. Absolutely beautiful! I’m using the centered version and really love it. When I added a blogroll and a few plugins, and when viewed with IE, it causes the posts to drop down to the end of the sidebar. Any idea how I can remedy this?

    Also, is there anyway I can tuck the footer under the burgundy and tan borders on the bottom? Thanks so much!

  1. 4. hso | November 9, 2006 #

    @ Danielle

    1) What plugins are you using?

    2) Check the Spam Karma code, try adding the SP footer note elsewhere.

  1. 5. Danielle | November 9, 2006 #

    1.) I’m using the ESV daily verse plugin and that’s it. But I added link category and a blogroll.

    2.) Thanks, will do!

    Thanks so much for the support on this.. I really appreciate it!

  1. 6. hso | November 11, 2006 #

    @ Danielle

    Email me your header.php file with the blogroll code that is causing the theme to break, I will check, correct and email back.

  1. 7. couchmouse | December 22, 2006 #

    Is this theme widget ready??

  1. 8. hso | December 23, 2006 #

    @ Couchmouse

    No, but it is easy to make any theme widget ready if you don’t mind playing with the code a bit. Check this:

  1. 9. Ed | January 10, 2007 #

    hi, how owuld i change so that the flickr bit shows my flickr pictures? i have found a bit of code in the header.php but dnt quite understand. please help me if this is possible?

    btw any1 that like pictures looka t my main site

  1. 10. hso | January 10, 2007 #

    @ Ed

    Look for the tag=something in the Flickr code, then change the something to a unique tag you have created for your images in Flickr (say “edflickrphoto”), just make sure it is unique, that’s it.

  1. 11. JoeKrygier | January 12, 2007 #

    How would I elimiante the flicker feature in the sidebar if I did want to use it.

  1. 12. hso | January 12, 2007 #

    @ JoeKrygier

    Open header.php and delete the code starting from h1 tag “My Flickr” all the way down to the first close div tag.

  1. 13. JoeKrygier | January 12, 2007 #

    I figured it our before I checked back.
    Not ready for flickr yet but wil reload when ready.

  1. 14. rdg | May 10, 2007 #

    Love this theme!!
    I had a question. All my posts are wrapping into each other. There is no clear break between posts. Is there something I should be doing to separate them?
    Much appreciated,
    Thanks :)

  1. 15. headsetop | May 12, 2007 #

    @ rdg

    What browser are you using? Does >> this site << look like that on your screen?

    Let me know!

  1. 16. rdg | May 17, 2007 #

    I think I’ve figured it out. Thanks so much for the reply.

  1. 17. daphne | July 15, 2007 #

    Hi thanks for the great theme! I am currently using it for my foodie blog.

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